For No One's Fault ...

Its Kavya's 27th birthday and she is not too excited about that. This is the fourth birthday after marriage and Kavya could sense that her life has changed and swayed a lot from what she had expected out of marrying Varun. "Varun has changed", murmured her lips, her memories rolled back to 2002 the year she met Varun at a conference in Singapore, a guy who has sharp "features" and no girl would want to miss a chance of seeing him, quite attractive guy. He had that charming smile on his face all the time and his sense of humour was incredible, there were days, Kavya thronged to get an intro to Varun ...

She came back to INDIA and though she does not believe in luck or fate, but that incident made her to believe in those, what a surprise, Varun was sitting next to her in that "Singapore Airlines" and he was busy in chatting with someone, occasionally he grins while chatting and laughs to himself, the devil inside Kavya tempted her to see with whom he is chatting, may be some girl with whom he has an affair? her heart started to beat faster, so she dropped her hanky purposely and bend down to pick that up, so that she can see his laptop monitor, Varun was quick enough to bend his head to pick that hanky and there goes a BANG, both of them dashed their head and Varun said, that shouldn’t be painful, coz my head is empty, but your was a tough blow, may be you have a "head-weight" and winked at her. Kavya burst into laughter, which caught the attention of some fellow Chinese passengers.

Kavya was quick to introduce herself to Varun and he too introduced himself to her saying he works for a leading MNC as their business analyst, Kavya said she knows that, as she was one of the delegates in the conference where he addressed, Varun was surprised to hear that and said he is unaware of that. Kavya is still nervous about that unknown person with whom he is chatting with and was praying that Varun should not have any affair, but at the same time, her mind asked her a simple question, "Do you think that he will still be single? Charming guy, Well employed, good ethics, he should have been engaged by now", normally Kavya used to listen to her mind, but this time she does not want to and she had some intuition saying, Varun should still be single. She wanted to get that confirmed from him, if not she felt as if her head would burst.

She started the conversation, so, how was the trip? Did you come here only to attend this conference ?, Varun who got back to his chat, absolutely missed her question and asked her "Pardon me ... you were asking something", Kavya repeated the same question, Varun still having his eyes on the chat, said, "Ahhnn, ya, ah, I came from Canada to Singapore to address the employees of that bank and now I am going to Chennai, I just cannot wait any more to see her, "She" cannot stay without me even for a day and laughed. That "She" came down as a thunder to Kavya for a moment, she prayed all the GOD's that "She" should not be his wife or girl friend, she somehow coined her words and asked him with a puzzled look "Shee ???", and waited for Varun's reply, "Oh yaa, it’s my brother's daughter, she is 1 year old and she likes me more than anyone in my family, I am her world, all my check-in baggage is full of toys that I purchased for her. Kavya told herself that "Even for her, he is the world" and grinned.

Varun asked her what she is doing for a living. She said that she is a Business Journalist and she works for a leading Business magazine in Chennai and hence she came to Singapore to gather some information. Varun raised his eyebrows and said, I always envy "Journalists" to me they are the great people, they have to make sure everything is fine before releasing the news under the ink, I always wonder how could they make sure that the information they have got is authentic, but "journalist" job is most of the time "On the roads", so how do you manage with that and being a girl ?, Kavya said, she does not have to worry about that, as her family has given her complete freedom in doing whatever she wants and she is blessed with such wonderful dad and mom. She added a footnote to that saying, "I don’t have a BOSS, who could control me", Varun gave her a confused look, she said "It means, I am single and I don’t have a husband" and winked.

They both discussed a lot of things from a business point of view and Varun made her laugh all the way with his occasional humour comments and when the flight landed in Chennai, Varun too landed inside Kavya's heart. They both exchanged their number and email-id's as a customary action which anyone will do with their co-passenger, Varun never thought that this female would be his life partner, Varun landed in Chennai and on his first day at work, he was surprised to see an email from Kavya. Email's turned into yahoo chats, yahoo chats changed in to phone calls, phone calls turned into personal meetings and personal meetings turned into love and love turned into marriage. It was a marriage which happened without any fuzz. 

Kavya remembers the first gift she got from Varun on her birthday; it was a diamond studded ROLEX watch and a candle light dinner at Taj Connemara. Kavya was so happy to have Varun as her better half, not for such monetary benefits, but for the love and affection he has on her, whenever he flies abroad, he used to call her and talk to her for hours together, but now, he hardly emails her. Kavya is still trying to figure out when and where things started to go wrong, may be it all started when she refused to come abroad with Varun on a long term? or maybe it would have started when she insisted Varun to come out alone and stay in a different place away from his parents or will it have started when she blasted Varun for not inviting her parents for his sister's engagement?, but this is not the time to find a reason for his split, it’s time to unite, told her mind.

Kavya is tired of thinking why her life has taken an ugly turn, Varun too is equally disturbed and he avoided coming home some days, he volunteered himself to travel abroad, so that he can spend less time with her. Kavya's only pass time nowadays is browsing the internet, but she will not do that when Varun is around, as Varun may not like it. It’s her birthday and as usually Kavya was busy surfing the net and Varun who headed to office came back to pick up his cell phone, he got wild when he found Kavya browsing an internet site, he stood behind her and Kavya could sense that something is standing behind her, before she could see who it is, Varun grabbed the laptop and smashed it on the floor, that cute little beauty was broken into pieces and Kavya was frozen out of fear.

Varun could not stand that anymore and he banged his head and screamed to her "Why the hell you are refusing to understand me? Why are you killing me alive? How many times I have told you not to look out for another girl on the internet for me? Instead of that you please kill me by yourself, which will give me the PEACE you are trying to give me. I am hurt deeply by your behavior, and its painful to see that you have not understood me in these 4 years of our married life", he couldn’t continue any further and tears rolled out of his eyes, Kavya stood still. She had her 3rd consecutive abortion and doctors told her that she could not have a baby anymore in her life, so Kavya decided to arrange for a second marriage to Varun which is against his will, that's when things started to drift and Varun started to distance himself from her.

Kavya slowly inched towards Varun and tapped him on his shoulder; Varun with his teary eyes asked her "Tell me, what I should do to make you believe that I love you so much for the way you are and not for your mean flesh?, you not able to carry a baby is not your fault, and not my fault either, but you have decided to punish me for that and planning to get me married for one more time and make me live with that sense of guilt all through my life is it ?. We can always adopt a kid and lead a happy life, but how can I live a life with another girl, when I am having you deep inside my heart?" Kavya replied to him with tears and Varun pulled out a big "I AM SORRY" heart shaped balloon and they both smiled at each other after a long time... Kavya, decided to ease the mood and asked him, so who will answer your office now ? You have just broken your office laptop ... Varun almost fainted ...


  1. Is this real or reel???

  2. Ah, dunno what made you to ask this :), its 100% a reel stuff. I know its all covered in our tamil cinemas. Same old stuff, with some masala. Thanks for visiting my blog, and you write so well.

  3. ahem small errata i think .. he went to office wid out his ofc laptop? :S :D

    and yea as u said in the reply to shailaja s comment... it was something covered in lots of tam cinemas :D
    but i like the feel of it.. u kinda write short stories in easy eng genre of storeis.. keep it flowing satish and i guess u are bac in form in india rite now...

  4. @Amrita - Ah, He uses desktop at his office and his office laptop at home ;-))

    Hooo!!! Thanks for your comments, I doubt that you are saying all these comments to just motivate me to write better ;-)) As you know, I am not a great story writer... :)


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