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Once there lived a wood-cutter who would cut trees for his living. One fine day he went into the forest to cut woods, while cutting a tree, his axe slipped out of his hand and fell into the water, and suddenly the river god came out with a golden axe and showed him if that is his axe, the wood cutter says a no and then she goes down again and comes up with a silver axe and asked the wood cutter if that is his axe, the wood cutter says a no and again she plunges into water and then comes up with a bronze axe and asks the wood cutter if that is his axe, no says the wood cutter and finally she brings up his old rusted iron axe and asks him if that is his axe and he happily says yes, river god was impressed by his honesty and gave him all the axes and vanished. That is an old story, if we have to twist the same story in-line with a software engineer, how will that be, here is a small imagination...

Once there lived a software engineer who used to cut and paste code for his living, one fine day he goes to his office to cut and paste codes, while cutting a code, his code vanished somewhere and he panicked. Suddenly a software genie came in front of him with the same code he lost and asked him if this is his code, that software engineer said no, then that genie worked something and brought another code which had a much better logic and asked him if that is his code, the software engineer said no, the genie again worked something and then showed him a code which was even better than the previous one, and asked him if that is his code, the software engineer said no. Genie once again worked for a long time and then showed him a code snippet which is the best amongst the others and asked him if that is what is the code he lost, the software engineer with all smiles on his face, said a big YES to that.

The genie was pissed off with his greedy behavior and told him that he had lied and that was not his code and hence he deserves a punishment. The software engineer begged for innocence and then pleaded to the genie not to punish him, but the genie was not convinced and decided to punish him, in spite of his requests the genie deleted the entire project and said that he can never get that project back, as it has deleted even the backup's. After hearing this that software engineer jumped in joy, on seeing that the genie got confused and told him, "I have deleted your entire project and you are laughing like mad, you must be a nut" saying that the genie vanished with a "puff"

There came his friend after a 1 hour tea break, who had requested his help to fix a code in his project. This guy replied, "Machaan something is wrong in your system daa, I cannot find that piece of code anywhere" and his friend replied, "Oh is it ? It’s not there ah ?, maybe I will reboot my system once and see If I can get it"

So the moral(s) of this story is, "Have short tea breaks" and "Never transfer your work to others" and "Reboot is not a solution always" ;-)

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