V-Day @ Oracle

It was V-Day celebrations at Oracle and all men were asked to come in BLUE and all girls were asked to come in PINK but what actually happened is, the so-called men and women came in BLUE and PINK and the really looking guys (like me) and gals came in their normal attire. Hoooo, i really feel that "Manasaatchi" is a term which was long forgotten by those so-called guys and girls who came in Blue and Pink respectively. I also wonder what is their problem in getting a mirror at their place and hang it i a comfortable place where they can get a chance to look at themselves ? It was actually heartening to see guys, who took so much of strain to dress them up in blue and come all the way to office during their tiring times, what ?? you didn't get what i say ? Array yaar, most of the guys look like as if they are 9 months pregnent with such a biggg tummy, and they have to carry that whereever they go, i pitty those folks. Till date the only measurement i know when buying clothing is in METERS, but after seeing some girls who literally tortured us by their looks, that too one girl came in "Kaagra - Choli", bugger she should have bought those materials in "Kilo Meters" and not in "Meters", GOD sake i beg her not to try any such murder attempts on guys anymore.

The evening was even more hilarious where our office has been literally changed to a "Pickup - Drop - Escape" point, guys coming in bikes and picking up gals and showing all there driving stunts on those slippery muddy roads, i tell you man, its really not worth a stunt for Oracle girls, better they would have tried that i front of some other company. Hmm, naa ennamo poraamai la pesaraen nu nenaika koodaadhu ... i too know the saying "Pallu irrukaravan Pakodaa Saapadaraan" what bothers me ...

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