Feb 25, 2008

Break ...

Ah, i know it would not be a surprise to all, but i need to give you all a "Break" from reading my so called interesting blogs, currently my mind is occupied with so many other important things which i need to priotorize in my life, so putting the balme on the "time factor" I have decided to go off blogging for a while and also i should admit the very main fact being, "I am running out of steam / ideas" to write in my blog, and its reached the level where I myself dont feel anything "FUNNY" in my blog, then imagine the fate of the readers ? so till i get my steam rolling and ideas flushing in my mind i will not post any articles. In the mean time I might do some cosmetic changes like changing the colors, adding new images, etc etc, its really hard to miss my blog just like that you see. I will also continue to send songs to my readers if they "Shout at Me" in the shout box.
I dont know uptill when i will be off, but till then its Good bye from me and i sincerely thank all my friends and buddies who have motivated me to write ... I dunno, i may even come back the very next week in a cruel way, so till this devil is back to blogging ... you guys just enjoy your life ....


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