Subbu... Pappu ... Lallu

Subbu, Pappu and Lallu live in the same locality. Lallu is one beautiful girl who will make anyone go flat on her first look. Both Subbu and Pappu had this severe crush on her and somehow they wanted to get accquinted to her. Pappu is from a wealthy family and he has all the better reasons to approach Lallu, but he does not know how to approach her, on the other hand, Subbu is an orphan and he does not have a family or a house, gettin Lallu is not an easy joke for him ...

Both Pappu and Lallu stayed in a rented house and luckily their owners were good friends, with that being the lead, Pappu started to visit Lallu's house whenever his owner goes to meet them, Lallu initially did not mind to give her looks to Pappu, coz she does not like the way Pappu has been pampered, she always thinks Pappu as a spineless fellow. Subbu our poor guy, used to accompany that area's milk man, who puts milk at Lallu's house. He accompanies him early in the morning just to get a look of Lallu, coz that's the time Lallu goes for a walk daily.

Seeing that Lallu is going for a morning walk, Subbu too decided to do the same and started to follow her from the next day, they both run parellel to each other and never they spoke a word between them, Subbu tried to attract her attention by doing some weired tricks, but nothing seemed to work. Pappu who is always a lazy guy, got to know that Subbu the road side loaffer is behind Lallu, and he decided to get rid of him, and planned to arrange an attack on Subbu the next day. Subbu as usually decided to get ready for the morning walk, and as usually Lallu joined him in a while.

When they were walking along the beach side, there came a bunch of unidentifed folks, who sorrounded Subbu, Lallu got scared and she ran for shelter, but she was watching what all happened from a distance. Subbu was beaten mercilessly by those unidentified folks and he was left bleeding on the floor, and at a distance, there stood Pappu, and the gang went towards him after the assault, this was clearly noted by Lallu. Lallu screamed for help and immedieatly people came for the rescue and Subbu was taken to the hospital.

Days rolled on and Lallu started to hate the morning walks without Subbu, thats the time Lallu fell in love with Subbu. One fine morning, Lallu was forced to go for a walk, and she too agreed to come with a haste, but to her surprise, she saw Subbu standing in front of her house and moment she saw Subbu, she ran towards him and even now, not a single word being exchanged between them, Subbu was very happy to see that Lallu has not forgotten him, and he too felt that Lallu is in love with him. As the history goes, even their love was opposed, and this time its by their house owners, they dont want any such nonsense to happen between Lallu and Subbu and hence they seriously warned Lallu from not to move with Subbu anymore.

One fine day Lallu and Subbu decided to elope and during a wee hour of a monday both of them decided to leave that locality, but they very well know that no one will give them a house to stay, but they were ready to take this risk. Pappu came to know that they both have eloped and he could not control his anger, he felt he lost a wonderful chance, inspite of he having all the status to marry Lallu, and he felt ashamed that he lost to an orphan. But little he could do now, as things have gone out of his contol. As Pappu is also growing old, he too became a proud dad of 4 as the days rolled on, by now he has forgotten Lallu.

One fine day after nearly 1 year, Subbu and Lallu came back to the same owners house where Lallu stayed, but this time they were not the only 2, they were sorrounded by 6 beautiful and adorable labrador pups which were their son's and daughter's, Lallu's old owner happily allowed all of them into his house and at last Subbu got a house and a family to stay, even Pappu forgot everything and all the 3 dogs became friends thereafter.

So what were you thinking ???? I am serious, this is a true DOG love story ;-)


  1. ada thoo therika! intha mathiri kadha ellam ezhudhine, unnai bangalore ku vandhu udhaippen


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