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Kavya was getting ready to go to her work and she is already running 5 minutes late to catch her office shuttle. She was busy cleaning things at her kitchen and thats when she received this painful blow on her head from one of the opened cupboard doors, the pain was so hard that Varun could hear her scream right at his balcony, Varun came rushing just to see Kavya sitting down on the floow with her two hands holding her head tightly, she did not faint though, but the pain was so unbearable. Varun could not understand what hit her but he could guess that the open cupboard door just above her top should be the culprit, he promply closed it and then gave soothing treatements to her head and infact asked her to take rest and not to go to office ...

Kavya too thought that she cannot go to office as the pain was so hard and it had left a big bump on her head. Varun was insisting her to go to a doctor and then take a quick scan, just to ensure that there is not blood clot of anything serious of that kind has happened. Kavya second his opinion and they both went to a nearby hospital. The doctor adviced her to take an MRI scan and she took one and waited for almost 2 hours to get its report, in the mean time Varun called up both their office and conveyed their inability to come to work, and he has to cancell all his important meetings because of this. The report showed that she is all normal and is good to go to work in a couple of days time. They both sighed a sense of relief and were thinking how life changed all in a second which was never expected to happen.

It was business as usual for both of them after this incident. Kavya continued her daily routines and afte that incident she made sure that she closes the cupboards once she is done with taking the stuffs out of them. One fine morning, Varun was about to leave to work and as a usual practice he hugged Kavya and kissed on her forehead and told her a bye, Kavya was asking him a peculiar question of whether he is going by car or by bike, though a little surprised by her question, he said "its car by default, my dear", and Kavya replied, "ok then check the air of your cars spare tyre in a nearby pumping station and go to work", Varun said, "Ya i need to do that" and he quickly left to office. He was tied up heavily at work and hence he came home very late and by the time he reached home, Kavya was fast alseep.

Kavya and Varun exchanged their good mornings and then sipped their cup of tea in their "sea view" balcony, and thats the time they both get to exchange a few words before both of them set themselves in the race of earning money, Kavya was instructing her sevant maid to do the necessary cleaning and at the same time she was busy at her kitchen. She was seen filling all the available buckets with ample water and Varun questioned her of why is she doing such a stupid act as if the entire world is going to run out of water the next day, Kavya gave him a smile and said, "Ya, just in case if that happens, I wanted to make sure that we have ample water at our place at least". Kavya asked her servant maid not to come to work tomorrow and she will take care of the tasks, generally Varun does not interfere in the nitty gritties of house keeping, so he has given full rights to Kavya to do whatever she wants, the maid was so happy to get a day off.

Varun being a project manager in a leading software company, he is always busy at work, and he generally dont get time to call up Kavya during the work hours and speak with her. That day Kavya called him up on his cell phone and then asked him if he can take a 10 day off, Varun was taken aback to hear that from Kavya, as she very well knows that he is not in a position to take even a single day off with his current commitments, he asked her "where on this earth you got this idea and how can you ask me this, you know all my project commitments rite ?", Kavya said, ya i know, but I just wanted to find out, if you could transfer some of your tasks to your fellow colleagues and then take this off, so that you can take this 10 day off, so Varun asked her "What on this earth, we will do by taking a 10 day off ? Do you have any thoughts of a second honey moon baby ??", Kavya said, "She wish to, but ... hey Varun I will call you back, I have an urgent meeting coming up", Varun felt she is one crazy nut who he loves the most and hung up the line.

Kavya is one such person who is liked by all her colleagues for her quality of helping others, she does not mind in working on others modules once she finishes her work, so in that way she approached Chitra and told her that she will take care of her module from today and asked her to do a little bit of knowledge transfer, Chitra said, she is very much going to be in town and will take care of the module on her own, but still thanked Kavya for offering her this help, Kavya rushed to her PM and then insisted that she has done with her module and would want to work on Chitra's module from tomorrow, her PM was more than happy to transfer the work to Kavya and thought of assigning another module to Chitra, and Kavya successfully took over her friends module.

Varun was narrating all these incidents with sense of panic and tension on his face to the chief doctor of the "Neuro Scientific Research Center", because Kavya was doing all these with a reason. His car tyre went flat, His flat ran out of water for 2 days, Her servant maid's husband passed away the next day she gave her a day off, and her collegue Chirta met with an accident the next day she got the module from her, and as a rude shock, Varun lost his father and has to take 10 days off from work. The doctor who was inspecting Kavya in his diagonisitc lab came out and confirmed to his chief doctor that she was suffering for this unique disorder called "Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)". There came Kavya out of the lab and asked Varun, why he has to bring her to this doctor once again, and Varun controlled his emotions and said, "Just to check on the blow you had on your head and nothing more than that". Kavya nodded with a cone ice cream melting on her hand.


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