May 16, 2008

Shame on us ...

Can there be a worst shame than this? I was shocked to read that article in the "Times" today. Have people become so cheap and shameless? I am talking about the people of Jaipur, they all know that their city is in a serious crisis and trouble, instead of supporting the people who are in need, some people are trying to make the most of it at this hour of pandemonium...

It all started when the government announced a 1 Lakh rupees compensation for the injured and Rs 5 Lakh for the next kin of the deceased, when this news started to spread across the city, some crooked minds decided to think the other way. There seem to be a big queue outside the mortuary of the SMS Hospital in Jaipur, where lots of people have come forward to claim the bodies of the beggars who died on the spot when a blast occurred near the Hanuman Temple. Those beggars when they were alive, not even a single soul would have come forward to offer them Re 1/-, but now those beggars are worth Rs 5 Lakh each, so those shameless people have come in to claim responsibility of 5 or more bodies of those beggars, so the simple maths being 5 X 5 = 25 Lakhs.

This being one side, and on the other side, there were fights between families to claim the bodies of their relatives, it includes outsiders who have joined them to claim the bodies, so the real families who were already in a sort of trauma, has now have to fight between the hospital authorities and also the government to claim the bodies to perform the last rites, it looks like there were so many unattended bodies lying in the mortuary just because of this confusion and they are getting decomposed.

Where on this earth these shameless creatures have the heart to do such a deed just for the sake of money?? Are we getting so heartless? Is money such a bigger evil than anything in this world??


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