Arushi Talwar ... A Mystery

Arushi Talwar, the name which is buzzing around the media all over the nation. Who could have ever imagined such a tragic end for a sweet daughter. Her eyes says it all to me, she is innocent. How can someone have the heart to kill her, I don’t want to get into the allegations made on her dad, as the case is still under investigation...

The most pathetic thing is, the media is now glaring a false image on Arushi and Hemraj the servant maid saying that her dad (so called dad) Rajesh Talwar has seen them in a compromising position, how can someone say such things (even if its true) in the media just to save his a**, that too on a departed soul. Its very very difficult to digest the fact that she was brutally murdered just because she is a witness for an extra-marital relationship which her dad is having on one of his colleagues, which is again a baseless statement as the police does not show any proof of evidence for that. To me the case is still a mystery and it has not been solved. The UP police are just keen on closing this case by framing some stupid and baseless charges, but I am sure our judiciary system will not allow the vital loopholes of this case to be brushed under the carpet.

There are several un-answered questions in this case, if these points are so obviously sensed by a common man like me, I am sure the police would have sniffed more gaps in this twin murder case. I have my own thoughts of investigating this case and it’s actually funny for me to wear a "detective's" cap, but if you happen to think about this case in detail, you too will have the same questions knocking your head.

1. Why there were no tears from Rajesh Talwar or Nupur Talwar when they were questioned by the media ? It was the murder of their only daughter and you just can't control your emotions like the way they did.
2. Why did Nupur Talwar have to drag Rajesh Talwar's paijama, from his back to prompt him not to speak, when the media chased them for questioning them at their house ? This was caught on camera.
3. If the claim of Arushi and Hemraj being in a compromising position was true, then why Rajesh Talwar did not object it immediately? Why does he went to browse the internet and then come back to kill them ?
4. Hemraj was asked to come to the terrace by Rajesh Talwar and he was killed there with a Hammer and a Surgical Knife, so has Rajesh Talwar pre-planned this murder ?
5. Why would any outsider bother to lock the terrace after killing someone and leaving the body there ? From where an outsider could have got the lock and key ?
6. When some one was sitting just 6 feet away from the place of crime, how come Nupur Talwar did not hear any sound when her daughter is being killed ? So was she witnessing all these crime ?
7. Why was Arushi's birthday gifts not allowed to be opened by Rajesh Talwar on the day of murder ? Was he planning something ?
8. The silence of Nupur Talwar is a big weak link in this case, if a person could kill his daughter / servant for the reason that they have objected his extra-marital affair, then how come he spared his wife ? Does she already know about that ?

But whets the use in investigating all these points now, we have lost an innocent soul, and we are not going to get her back with us. The sad thing is today 24th May is her 14th birthday and she is not there to celebrate that, Its difficult to say that how tough will that be for her close friends to digest this. A dream has been shattered, Arushi's note in her dairy on her birthday and her autobiography was touching. I just can’t buy the statement that she and her servant maid had some affairs, it’s baseless. Well, may GOD take this angel in his arms and say sorry to her for giving her such bad parents. May her soul rest in peace.

Update - A Mother's Story

Ah, I just happened to see the interview given my Ms. Nupur Talwar on this Arushi's murder case. It was shown on NDTV, I should admit that she truly deserves a HATS-OFF for the way she conducted herself at the interview, not even once she broke down and she answered all the questions thrown at her with a sense of boldness and courage. I could see a confident soul in her, a person like her will not hide the truth and I would like to withdraw my comments stated above and I too feel that Mr. Rajesh Talwar is innocent. The one question which she asked to the media made a lot of sense, she asked "Does any mother will protect her husband when she knows that he has killed her daughter ?", I think that answers all, she is a women of character and she talks sense. Above all, what really made me to salute her is her courage, a female who has lost her loving daughter and that too her husband has been accused of killing her daughter and now he is behind the bars, and the family which normally comes to her support during difficult times have been dragged into an embarassing allegation saying, her close family friend has had an affair with her husband, when all these traumatizing factors freezing her brain, the way she handled this notorious media is simply superb, I doubt if I were in her shoes I would have broken down 100 times in front of the media. I think the accused is still at large. May GOD who gave Talwar's family a tough time, also give them the strength and courage to face this terrible phase of their life.


  1. Thank god.. Neenga NEWS REPORTERaa Pogalai. Karumam. Yennaiya Sollavara.Avanga Kutravaaliya illaiyaa. Dhayavu seidhu, News materellam Neswoda irukkattum.Nee Sandhya, Vineeth, Kavyanu Continue pannidu please.Enna Kodumai Saravanan.


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