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Varun was shouting on the top of his throat, "Hey Kavyaa, where are the car keys, and dont forget to put in those mineral water bottles in the bag, we may need it when we are climbing up the hill", yes, the more admirable couple of that apartment are all set to go out for a trekking. Kavya came out of the house with her hands full and the door key swinging between her lips, she gave a nice kick on Varun's ass and signed him by action to take out the keys from her mouth and lock the door, Varun had to obey to that kick and promply locked the door, and returned the kick back to Kavya....

They are heading to the tallest peak of Karnataka called Mulliangiri Betta, they will be joined by Varun's colleagues mid-way. Varun had already planned a surprise for Kavya, moment he started his car, the sony speakers melted the voice for which Kavya would die, oh yaa, its her favourite M S Subbulakshmi's collection, Kavya just gave a tight hug to Varun and whispered "I Love you da ..." and as a sign of acknowledging that, M S S sang "Kurai Ondrum illai marai moorthi kannaa ...". Everything was perfect, for a wonderful day of trekking, and also this being the day of Kavya - Varun's first wedding anniversary, it was more an icing on the cake.

Varun has the habit of single-handed driving and he rests his left hand on the gear shift, Kavya decided to cling on to that and she topped her hand over Varun's and made that mountenous drive even more pleasurable. Who would not want a drive like this, with their sweetheart sitting next to them. Whether you are in love or you are married, there is a lot of fun over those "Sweet Nothings" chat with your heart throb, throughout the dirve, it was all those kinda talks, giggles, and of course those "1 minute fights".

They reach the bottom of the mountain around 9 in the morning and already they were joined by many other couple's. Before even the trekking started, the rest of the gang opened up a big "Black Forest" cake, which had this beautiful wording on its top "For the more adrobale couple .... Happy Anniversary", this was a pleasant surprise to both of them, they were made to cut the cake together by holding the knife, and both became kids when they were asked to feed the cakes to each other.

Varun has already visited this mountain for trekking and he knows how difficult the path would be, so he took the role of the guide to the rest of the team and of course his assistant was Kavya. Every couple were busy in their own world of "Sweet Nothings" and was occassionaly made to be attentive for Varun's commands. Kavya was not such an experienced trekker, so Varun decided to carry her back pack, just to ease her weight, on seeing this, all the other male counter parts, pulled his leg by saying "Hey man, can you take the back pack of my wife too", Kavya looked at Varun with a sense of pride and love, Oh yaa, that look injected a 1000 more watts into Varun's body and he was more stronger now to carry that backpack.

With a map on one hand and Kavay's hand on the other, the couple started to climb. By evening 5:00 PM they all reached the hill top and almost all the couple's were dead tired, but they were all surprised to see the charm still sticking on to Kavya and Varun, when they were asked what's the secret of their energy, both of then replied simulatenously "Kavya - Varun", no wonder they are the most enviable couple. While climbing a very steep strech, Varun made sure that there were no rolling stones on which Kavya would step in, so he cleaned all of them with his hand, and was more nervous than Kavya when she climbed down that. Kavya could see the anxity on his face and was playing pranks as if she is going to fall down.

The whole night went inside the tents and it was such a tiring sleep for all of them, Varun made sure that Kavya is ok and she is intact with her sleeping bag, every now and then. Kavya though pretended as if she was sleeping, was just overwhelmed with Varun's love and affection and has to shed a few tear drops inside the bag. Ah, all said and done, it was a wonderful trip to cherish. Kavya and Varun came home two days later and it was almost wee hours of the next day. Kavya slept inside the car and she was too tired to realize that she has reached home. Varun slowly parked the car in the basement and went up to open the main door, and came back rushing to lift Kavya in his arm's and placed her comfortably on her bed.

It was business as usual for both of them as they have to go to work the next day, and their usual routine life started. Both of them hardly had a chance to speak to each other, nor they had time to meet, as Kavya and Varun were busy with their shifts, days rolled on and they both were pretty much stuck to thier profession, time has certainly created a rift between them. One fine morning Kavya left a note on Varun's bed side saying that she has to go off to the US tonight and was not given a chance to say a NO, coming to know that his wife is leaving abroad via a stick note was actually a bit painful and wiht most of the working couple's, this is the reality. Also there was a list of actions Kavya asked Varun to do, and Varun was meticulously carrying over that. He packed all her things including her sanitary napkins, knowing her menstrual cycle. Kavya is certainly a blessed girl to get such a sweet husband.

With all these going in his mind, Varun was brought back to his senses when his name was called three times in the court room - "Varun ... Varun ... Varun", oh yaa, the most enviable couple, admirable couple, adrobale couple have filed for a divorce ... the fate most of the employed couple's face these days, expecially who are in IT


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