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This day is one emotional day for me as i have resigned from my current company after nearly 9 years of my service. I know its a very tough decision that i have taken, but i have no choice other than quitting. I am not a kind of person who frequently jump jobs, this is my second jump in my 10 years of service, but this time i really felt that i need this change, as my career seem to go and hit a blind dead end, and its my responsibility to take appropriate action ...

I took this decison based on some actions taken by my management which really upset me and I felt very bad over those decisions. I felt that my management is not really taking care of my team and they failed to sense the quality of the resources. I happened to lose two good quality people just for the heck of it. Today they have taken a replacement for my team by paying a very high salary to a new comer, if the management would have spent half that amount on the old guys, they would have retained them as well as their experience and expertise. This is one area all management teams make the mistake, they think they can get the job done with a new comer and they just dont care about the existing experienced people.

Its now almost curtains for my existing team with just one junior member working for it, I hope my management atleast takes care of that resource and try to retain her. People working for BRAND is now a history, people work for better challenging opportunities and a hefty pay package, I hope my management hears this loud and clear and take appropriate action to avoid further damage. But its an excellent team to work with, the director who heads our unit is a great human being, but unfortunately his hands are tied and mouth stitched, so poor guy could not do anything beyond his limits. I wish this team a good future and great success and I hope they start looking at people's quality and reward them as accordingly.

Its really really tough to miss a company to which you have been associated for almost a decade. This is one place where i loved to play a longer innings, but its so sad that i have to call it a day very soon.


  1. No Comments???

    What the hell! It has been more than 24 days and none of your friends, colleagues passed by your thoughts?

    Well, thats something!

    For once, I am seeing a person sailing in same boat over web. After 8.8 years of working for my first company, I too have to call it a day in couple of weeks! By now I think you would have got out of oracle!

    What I saw, in this blog, which prompted me a reply, was a straight forwardness to some extent. Of course without explaining much on the process, you have given your straightforward thought about your management!

    Though its tough for me to believe(Dey nee ivvallavu nallavanaada??? - sorry about language, it can't be funny without the dey and da!!!) that your management decisions upset you upon your valuable resources, I still believe there is a degree of truth in your feelings!

    I too got upset by my management firing a near to my experianced guy just because somebody in the upper layer did not like him to work in a different team. It was open rivalry and politics and it stinks!

    You see, as my favourite quality guru always says, when something goes wrong, dont look for persons, but for the holes in the process!

    Something goes wrong, penalise the process and not the persons!

    If at all you are still in Oracle and still thinking what to do before you windup from there, here is a tip.

    Go and meet the top-most, hazzle-free, cool-headed, young, preferebly charming lady person who can make the rules or atleast in good position in Sr Mgmt to discuss policies and tell her about the hole in the HR Policy.

    I am sure when the policy changes, along with it, down the lane a new comer would pick it up and try to implement in its true meaning!

    (Is above the reason why you removed all the reply comments posted by others? Or is it displayed in a special control that is not visible to me (:->)!)


  2. Thanks for your comments buddy. I am a very straight forward personality, so there is nothing like "naa romba nallavan" and all. I dont want to be an arm-chair cribber, with my experience I should make things happen rather waiting for things to happen. I dont like the way they treated my team for some weired reason, so I wanted to prove the management that we are worth millions outside, so we all decided to go, and now my entire team is shut at IDC (almost). My last day at Oracle will be on the 5th and today I have my exit interview. Thanks for your valuble suggestions.

    BTW - You cannot see all the comments, as i have protected it :)

  3. (:->)!

    What is that people seek in work place? For you it was Recognition - probably because it was denied to your team, you all are out, looking for it somewhere. I hope you all will get what you are looking for.

    Is there anything more than recognition that one might lookup to in a work place?

    Some people require external pressure to keep them going, otherwise they sink! Some are self motivated that they break all barriers to move on and get success.

    I am no Ellsworth Toohey! I am not trying to manipulate thoughts for the sake of it.

    But I do understand 'Ikkaraikku akkarai pachai!'.

    As you rightly put in, you are in a position not to wait for things to happen, but to make things happen!

    I am no agent to your mgmt, so without having a second thought, can you tell me why you failed in your fight to save your team failed!

    I mean which DNA stripe of your management made them deaf against what you wanted to convey!

    In my case, it was mere bureaucracy. The lord will rule, the other will abide by! There is no way one below the rank can think of talking back to the one above rank about the mistake he is doing, which is going to pinch him back badly! Even if somebody raises their voice, it will be seen as a sinful act and will probably be punished appropriately in their own bureaucratic way! It is because of this fear, people dont raise their voice!

    Opps am talking too much! So what is it?


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