Apr 5, 2008

Piece of Advice ...

This young guy was about to get married and he has his own anxiety and dreams about his future wife. He is a very shy type persona and generally keeps quite. One day he gets his chance to meet a girl who may be a probable bride for him, the usual customs went on fine and both the families were about to agree on this alliance and go ahead with the marriage preperations …

This guy’s father came to him one day and knowing his shy personality, he adviced him saying, “My son, don’t be shy and timid at this stage, you feel free to ask whatever you want to your future father-in-law, and please always remember that you should ask for something bigger and then only you will get what you actually wanted, for example, if you want a bike, you should ask for a car, if you want an aparment you should ask for a villa, if you want a gold ring, you should ask for a diamond ring”, hope you got my point”, after this piece of advice, his father leaves his room. Our hero got the message and he too was convinced with the fact hidden behind that.

One fine day, his future father-in-law came to his house to meet him and discuss on what all things he needs before marriage, the discussion went on for about 5 minutes and after that there was a big scream and a tight slap, his future father-in-law came rushing out of his room and spit on his dads face and said that the marriage is cancelled, the shell shocked dad does not know what happened between them and rushes into his son’s room to enquire what made this father-in-law to go mad and crazy.

Our hero replied, its all because of you dad, and his dad could not understand the meaning of it, so he asked “Why because of me ?”, his son replied, you only told me to ask something bigger, so that I can get what I really wanted, so he asked me what I want from his side, and I told him that I need his wife, so that I can get his daughter.


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