Varun was not so sure about his new assignment and he has his own hooks hanging over his head about his new job. Kavya on the other hand thought that it’s a very good break for Varun in his career and she was pretty much excited about it, infact she was aslo happy with the hefty package Varun has got with his new employeer….
Varun started the discussion with Kavya,
Varun: Hey I don’t know yaa, something is disturbing me, and I feel heavy
Kavya: Ya Varun, even I feel the same way and it’s very heavy for me too
Varun: So do you feel that I have done a mistake by taking up this new assignment ?
Kavya: I don’t know, but certainly you did a mistake
Varun: Well, it won’t be nice if I decide to go back to my old decision
Kavya: It’s too late to go back or reset
Varun: Don’t you think you should have told me all these before I made up my mind ?
Kavya: What to do, even I could not say a no and you would’nt have accepted to it
Varun: Well, whatever may come, I have decided to stick on to my decision and move ahead Kavya: Yes, it’s high time you get a promotion
Varun: What do you mean ? I have already got one with my new job
Kavya, just had to whisper into Varun’s ear that he is promoted to the nexl level in his personal life. Yes Kavya and Varun are going to be proud parents very soon.


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