Apr 24, 2008

Its Demi-God's Birthday...

Its the birthday of our country's demi-god, everyone knows he is a cricketing genuis, but not many people know that he is the one who has brought in great changes in my life. I have grown seeing him and I truly respect and admire him for the way he carries himself on and off the field. He taught me life's basic qualities like modesty, sincerity, committment and attitude, I still cherish the day (12th April 2000) I met him for the first time in my life at Chepauk stadium during a cricket match...

I just should say that I was attracted by the way that genius spoke to me, he asked me about my studies, he asked me about my new job (I was new to Covansys that time), he actually spoke to me like a brother, also he adviced me to be committed in whatever I do. I felt as if I have attained the purpose of my birth in this world that day. I always celebrate this day as my own brother's birthday, and I make sure that I visit a nearby temple and pray for his well being. Some people do not know what kind of an impact they have made in other's life and Sachin Tendulkar is one person who has changed my life forever.

I wish and pray to GOD that this demi-god should live longer with good health and atleast till the next cricket World Cup, I want to see my little master to play for my country. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart my dear Sachin. You are simply an idol for me and I think I cannot have anyone else other than you in my life to be my "Role Model".



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