Apr 18, 2008

Indian Premier League Blasts off ...

Cricket's biggest extravaganza begins today at Bangalore and the entire city is rocking tonight. Its the first of its kind in this sport, where in the concept was absorbed from the famous European Football League, where small teams will be formed with the inclusion of various sporting legends of the game from various countries...

Who would say a NO to watch Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne facing each other on the field, who are now playing for their representing county and not their countries. So this short version of the shorter version of the game (I mean 20-20) is expected to create the spark and ignite the hearts of zillion cricket fans in the country. Its gonna be a treat for the next 45 days and it is going to bring in more excitement than watching the World Cup. Players from all 10 test playing nations have been bid to take part in this tournament and to stress on this point, a huge sum of money has been invested in this tournament, that itself has created a big expectation amongst the cricket fans. Well, i would try to sneak in for a match direct to the stadium if I have time.

I am all set to glue myself in front of the idiot box in just a while, and whats the beauty if I am not telling you, which team I support, Oh yeah, you got it right, its my homehown team the - Chenai Super Kings. Cheerrrr them up. This cricket fanatic is going crazyyyyyyy


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