Hogge "Nakkal"

I always wonder whether GOD has given the organ called "brain" for both TN and KA politicians ? they are always upto some fight or other towards their neighbouring state, and the issue always centers around "water". Just to gain some political advantage some stupid party has pulled out this age old issue and is trying to create a scene out of this. The verdit from the center is very evident that, karnataka people should not try to own the "Hoggenakkl" part of kaveri which runs its main path inside tamil nadu. There was an aggrement which was put between the two states long long ago, and suddenly out of the blue some bloody politician has digged this out and trying to make the life misserable for innocent people like us ...

First this old politician of TN should have kept quite, he waiting at the door of his death is spelling some unwanted statements and is upseting the rythm of normal life and creating chaos amidst the people of two states, already we all know that these two communities are under some kind of friction always, and politicians are pouring oil into that. The funny things which i try to understand here is, why the hell anyone has to stop airing the respective language TV channels ? What are they trying to say out of this ? doesn't this sound stupid ? what is the point in breaking theatres and shops owned by the respective community ? Its a shame on us that we have allowed stupid and illitrates to rule this country. The situation will change only if educated people venture into politics and clean all these filthy people.

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