LIVE Cricketing Experience ...

What an excitement, what a drama. I would re-live these moments in my life forever. I am talking about my first LIVE watching of a cricket match which was held between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings at Bangalore. I would rather say that this is also a kind of addiction, if you taste the thrill of watching the match LIVE, I dont think you will be willing to watch it the next time on your TV sets. Let me go through the entire 5 hours spectacle which I witnessed yesterday in this article ...

Myself and other colleagues of mine started from office by 4:00 and reached the stadium by 5:50, we were actually about to wait for one of our friend who came late and hence we missed the opportunity of ocupying the front seats of our gallery. We were sure that the match is gonna be an electrifying one just for the reason that there is already a friction that exists between these two states, and there is a huge presence of tamil speaking people in this place which would obviously come to cheer their home team the Chennai Super Kings (I am one of them). Adding on to all these political turmoil, the match was set to be a heated clash not only between the two teams, but also between two communities. There was this spectacular LASER show and this cute little CHEER GIRLS dance, which was a treat to watch.

We went there with our banners and prepared a very big one on the stadium just before the start of the match and the caption read as "THIS IS THE LAST BOARDING CALL FOR DRAVID AND HIS BOYS FOR FLIGHT KF-091 FLYING FROM BANGALORE TO DELHI, PLEASE REPORT TO THE BOARDING DESK - VIJAY MALLYA". Let me not take time to explain what this banner means. We were unfortunately sandwiched between two rows of RCB supporter's, but we had CSK supporter's at a visible distance. We all cheered up within ourselves by showing our banners, there was a constant chant for RCB from the back and I should mention that there was this nasty guy who was sitting right behind me and was constantly booing the CSK team. It wont be fair if I dont mention about some good looking girls who came to watch the match, and they were sitting just next to our row, but unfortunately they were RCB supporters, so we dont want to see them.

CSK won the toss and elected to bat and to our shock, one of our star batsmen Hayden got out cheaply and the roar from the RCB suporters we huge. The scoring rate of CSK was not that good till the 15th over, and in the meantime we lost one more wicket (Raina). There was a huge exchange of heated comments between me and that nasty guy who sat behind me, but nothing on the face, it was all generic to the game and the teams. When ever CSK flops that guy used to lean towards my ear and scream something in his broken TAMIL language, I told myself 100 times that I am not going to react to any of his comments, as that might create a chaos, I felt its time to be smarter than losing my temper to such flued remarks about CSK, all certain done its just a cricket game to me.

Our captain cum hero Dhoni came to the crease and gave RCB the pinch of their own salt and he blasted a quick fire 65 of just 30 balls, its least to say that I was jumping from earth to sky not in the happiness of dhoni blasting 6s and 4s but for the fact that the face of the irritating guy who was sitting behind me, shrunk like a dry lemon. I loved seeing that somber on his face. I then screamed saying "Chennai Rocks, Bangalore Sucks". CSK posted a pretty decent total to defend (178/5) and we were confident that couple of quick wickets at the start would do the trick. Then came the innings break, and my friends got us few veggie buns which was spoilt and I settled to starve rather eating that JUNK.

The RCB team started their run chase with a worst possible start where they lost one of their openers very early. It was then left to Jaffer and Ross Taylor to build the innings and keep the scoreboard ticking, we CSK fans little know that this partnership could spell us the doom, both of them blasted CSK bowlers to almost every place in the park, and we CSK fans had to put our head's down, there was not even one instance where I could take my banner out and show it to the crowd. Ah, that irritating kannada guy who was sitting behind me started to pass comments in his broken tamil and also it was like targeting a particular community, he used to come close to my ears and shout right inside it and when ever he claps, he claps right above my head. I was a kind of heart-broken to be in that situation and just could not stand to see my fav team losing the match. I and my friends decided to leave the stadium after 15 overs and hence I called up my taxi wala to come and pick me up. Again, little we know that CSK is for some terrific fightback.

It was this 14th over where Jaffer scooped one to Oram of Amarnath and he was soon followed by Ross Taylor, still RCB where in terrible command. With just 54 needed of just 6 overs, RCB did not give up the chase, as Kallis was at his best, nudging the off boundries, then came our magic man Johinder who produced a beauty to get rid of Kallis. CSK sensed that the match is still alive and our voices started to raise in the stadium. They were stranderd at 136 for 5 and this situation brought some worrying lines in the face of RCB fans, which I loved to see. Then came the biggest hungama, one of the power hitters in the last recognised pair of RCB edged on to Hussy in the deep and he was soon to be followed by the captain of RCB Dravid for a 1st ball golden DUCK, that's it Satish just could not control his emotions, I just turned back to that irritating guy who was praising Dravid, and showed him my middle finger, ofcourse it was not so deliberate that i showed it on his face, but i made sure that he sees my middle finger.

Then it was a mere completion of formality by the CSK bowlers where they cleaned up the rest of the batting order with the help of some suicidal runouts by RCB. It was once again left to the last over expert Johinder to bowl the last over, where he had 17 runs to defend, and he bowled it right on the spot and RCB could just do nothing, other than scooping one in the air to give away their last wicket. It was a bigggg screem from me, and its my turn to boooooo all the RCB fans and I did it at my best. The face of that irritating guy who sat behind me was sunk into tears and poor guy did not expect this shocker from CSK. I felt more triumphant in painting a black paint on that guy's face, rather the victory of CSK. The fun of watching this match actually doubled as I went with all my close buddies, though my friends did not like / take some of my comments, but knowing me and my character, I hope they didn't mind.

We all came home by 12:30 and all i did was slipped into my night dress and had a quick wash and hit the bed rightaway.


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