Love for "Dummies" ...

Life has become a "Mega Serial" for Vineeth, in the sense, too many breaks, dis-jointed story line, never knows where he is heading to, this is what people call as "mid-life crisis". At the age of 30, Vineeth is comfortably placed at a software company with a handsome ransome, he has owns a good flat in bangalore, he has all the gadgets that are needed to kick-start a family, but something is stopping him from getting married and the funny thing is, he himself is trying to figure out what that "something" is....

As every one knows, life is more like a pendulum and it keeps swinging between the good's and bad's, up's and down's, cheer's and sorrow's, but Vineeth thought that his pendulum has swung to the extreme end of bad luck and its never gonna come back, wait wait wait, our hero is not suffering from any love failure, his worry is all about his failure to love someone. He used to think, what are the qualities a man should possess to impress a girl ? some of the couple's he came across totally defeated the logic of falling into love. A very fair girl is in love with a very dark guy, a very thin guy is in love with a fat girl, a guy with all bad habits has 3 to 4 girl friends etc etc.

Vineeth used to pacify himself by saying "We should not love, thats a pain, it will unnecessirily put my family in a spot of bother, so i should not indulge in that", but what his heart speaks is totally different from what his mind speaks. Well, its natural rite, Its Summer after winter, its day after night, its silence after storm, similarly, Vineeth's pendulum started to swing the other way, yes you guessed it right, Vineeth too was smitten by that bug, it came in the name called "Sandhya". He has already seen her umpty number of times in his office cafeteria, but he had no such feelings earlier, but it all started when Sandhya gave him that "look" on him, it was not once or twice, she made sure that she sits just opposite to Vineeth's, Vineeth is too smart to sense that Sandhya is looking at him, but he appointed a spy to see if Sandhya is seeing him.

His spy confirmed the news that Sandhya is looking at him quite often, and it was a burst of butterflie's in his tummy and he just could not believe that he too has impressed a girl, hmm, why not, this is the first time in 30 years, even more precious than India winning the cricket world cup. This time Vineeth wanted to break the ice and was waiting for a moment to get a chance to talk to her, he was very sure that his speech skills would flatter anyone, but he is clueless of how to inititae a link. He tried her name in Orkut, but in vain, there were 1000s of Sandhya's floating in the web, he is not an idiot to scrap all and ask them if she is the one who works in his X company. He really felt that he is too old even to plan for a date as he is running out of steam.

Well, good things just happen you know, so in that sense, there was a situation wherein he has to go and help Sandhya's team members in solving a technical issue, for the first time in his IT career, he felt so happy about the decision of he sticking on to the technical ladder, and not getting into management. When he got a call from Sandhya's PM, he immedieately rushed into the restroom to see if he has come in the best of his attire, he washed his face, combed his hair and checked his walk, and he is all set to go to her floor. He was praying that the issue should be in Sandhya's machine, so that he can directly work with her, suggest her some options to solve the issue and at the same time he can exchange mobile numbers, so that she can call him if the issue is not solved.

Oh ya, the issue was with Sandhya's box, he was greeted by her PM and was introduced to the team as an expert in solving such issues, he felt as if he is flying, though he cannot establish a direct eye contact with Sandhya, he somehow managed to sneak to notice that Sandhya was staring at him, the same stare which started off all these hungama's. Her PM, asked him to work with Sandhya directly and Sandhya started to explain him the issue, for a moment he just heard the rythm of "Nothing but wind" in his ears, oh ya, I mean her voice was so sweet and was ringing like a melody, while admiring her voice and her sparkling eyes, Vineeth conveniently ignored the description of the issue, he has to force himself to come into terms and asked her to repeat the issue once again.

Ah, to him it was a chota issue where he solved it in a second, Sandhya thanked him for that, Vineeth knows that this is the right time to break the ice, so he told her that he needs to talk to her and asked her if she can come to the cafeteria at 4:00 in the evening, Sandhya agreed to that as if she was expecting it. You won't believe, time just did'nt move from 11:00 to 4:00, for him one hour is equal to 120 minutes, waiting for love is a pain, he felt it that day. Vineeth rushed back to the restroom by 3:50 and checked his make-up and was there at the cafeteria at 3:55, as we all know, girls never keep up their time, Sandhya came around 4:10, and placed a sincere apology for coming late. Sandhya started ....

Hi ... I am sorry, i got stuck up in a meeting
Oh that's ok, not a problem
So, whats the agenda for this meeting ?
Ah, actually I wanted to tell you something and also ask you something
Sandhya, knowing what he is going to ask, responded saying, ok go ahead
Let me be frank and straight forward, I could notice you seeing me quite regulary, do you have any crush on me ?
Well, let me also be straight forward, yes i do admit that i was seeing you quite often, but its not for any crush
For a moment Trees Stopped, Volcano errupted and stopped, Birds stopped flying, Waves hit the shore, splashed and stopped. (Oh yaa its the usual cinema style of expressing shock)
He gasped some breath and asked, so whats the reason other than a crush
Sandhya took out her cell phone and called Anamika, to the cafeteria
Anamika came to the cafeteria with all the shy on her face ...
Sandhya said, Anamika likes you for some reason, and I was the person who has to tell her whether you see her or not, and hence i happened to notice you frequently, i never knew that things had a twist in the tail and you mis-took the entire scene.

Poor Vineeth has to settle with Anamika now, but anyways, as the saying goes, "Something is better than nothing"


  1. well still wondering who is Vineeth, sandhya & kabab mein haddi anamika!!


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