Logoff ... Shutdown ...

After slogging at work on an average of 18 hours a day for the past 8 days, and also reaching home just today morning, Satish has decided to tell **** off to his boss and then stay at home and take complete rest. I sensed that I am stressing myself to the core and I felt that a break is very much in need and thanks to the overnight rain which literally washed Bangalore and forced people to be inside the cars and sleep on the middle of the road with blinkers on and rain playing the drums on your car's roof. I too would have been a victim to one such nightmare, but my driving skills saved me from that as I sneaked my way back to office on those flooded roads of EGL and slept inside the server room or I would say tried to sleep on a sitting pose for nearly 4 hours ...

Work pressure is really demanding and I am slogging day and night for a management's fault and my boss does not seem to realize that, though he admits that it is his mistake in agreeing to a tough dead line, but I somewhat feel that we are projecting ourselves as slaves to those white skin folks, which I really hate from the bottom of my heart, though I cannot be rough and rude to them as well, but I have to speak my heart out somewhere and the best place would be here. We have given them an impression saying that we are available 24X7 and for them it is always 8 to 4, doesn't that sounds atrocious ? It is again my management's fault by giving them an image that we are always ready to work. Those folks take undue advantage of that and they change the requirement over a con call and then expect us to complete that even if it is late into the night and the best part is, they will not ask anything, it’s my boss who will say "When can we re-group again" already the time would be 12 in the mid-night. I should admit that he too participates in those early morning con calls, but why should we bend our back like this ???????

Today I have decided to refrain myself from working and I am in no mood to work, I have slogged enough. Today I have to attend the wedding reception of C's BIL, so will be having some nice time with her kids. Yesterday's rains have added more misery to our roads and it looks like I have to get a tanker to drive on these roads. BBMP is actually providing excellent learning opportunity for the school going kids in Bangalore, you know why ?? Most of the schools bring their students to my area and then they are explaining to them "Students ... the surface you are seeing now is the exact replica of what you will see in Mars or Jupiter or for that matter Pluto as well, these big big holes are called craters and they are aplenty in Mars, and if you look at that bigg hole on the center of the road, that is called a "Black hole and those big big stones that you are seeing are nothing but meteoroids ..." It looks like, even Mars and Jupiter will have tarred roads and not my area.

Taking a day off on a weekday is always fun, I have plans to do so many things before I hit my bed, I have to pay a lot of online bills, book tickets and read few blogs etc etc. I also need to catch up with my friends to whom I have not spoken for a long time, especially L and C, may be its time to catch up. Hope this day goes well as planned and office folks are not ruining my plans. It's just time to relax a bit.


  1. Acho romba paavam.Hope u have nice time today on the whole.
    Its very strange to see a person cursing bangalore where people throng to settle terming it as the best city in south india.

  2. @Chennai Girl - Show me one person who wants to settle in Bangalore ? I would make sure that he changes his mind. This city is HELL on Earth, dont ever think of living here. Its BIHAR of South India :)

  3. Take rest buddy!!!

  4. Rombhhhhha pavam boss neenga... ohhh athaana I didnt see ur tweeets.. Take the much needed break, chill out :)

    Naveen. V

  5. uh ho i completely understand how u feel
    and its divine to take leave on a workday.. very good that u took the decision
    we should do such things once in a while

  6. @Shylu, @Naveen, @Amrita - Thanks for your comments. Ya I am completely stressed out and I was carving for such a break. I am all set to go to work tomorrow :)


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