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I have been seriously thinking of kicking off a parallel income, it's not that I am running short of finances, this is a thought which I have been debating within myself for a long time and in my family no one has ventured in to any kind of business, we are all more like "Mind your own business" types, after spending more than a decade in this competitive and pressurizing IT industry, I am seriously thinking of an alternative. Starting a new line of business gives me two benefit's, one is I can peruse my desire and start-up something which fascinates me and the other one is, it will take me off the worries of how this IT industry is going to shape up and take care of removing the hooks that are hanging over my head. I would want to startup something while I am at the prime of my IT career ...

I have been thinking of various business options and I bifurcated them into two, one is one the entertainment side, in the sense, trying out in the cine industry, of course "behind the scene" activities, like script writing, humor track writing etc etc, I know I terribly lack so much of skill if I have to take that path, as getting into the cine industry is not an easy joke and entertaining people is not easy. The next option I have is to do a business which has a good "carrier" and what best could be other than "Catering", coz there we have lots of "Carriers" naa. I am not a terrific cook, but at the same time I am not a bad cook either, but that does not convince me to start a catering business, I know I have to hire few real good cooks to run the show, again, saying is all easy, executing that is what would be a challenge. After considering every option what I seriously felt was, IT job is the easiest job in the world. :-)

It is time I take some decisions and move a coin towards doing a business, I am talking to so many friends of mine who are good at planning and directing me to the right direction, everyone are pointing me towards the cine industry, but I don't know what special skill I have to compete in that battle field, just because you crack jokes in your friends circle and everyone laughs for that, does not mean that you are a crowd puller. I am very particular that I am not fit for acting, so I cannot come in front of the lens. I have directed close to 13 plays right from my school to my college to my office and to Humor club, so I know my strengths and weaknesses. I still would feel the drama which I stage in my company was one of the best where I mocked my own company and that was received well till the top management. My fellow blogger Chandru was one of the main actors in that play, I am sure Chandru wud remember that :)

I am an intuitive person, though I listen to my friends and their suggestions, but finally I decide what my gut says at that point in time, something tells me that I have to go the other way and try out the "Catering" one, as we all know that the best way to reach anyone's heart is via their stomach. I have been interacting with few cook's who are not so famous but they are simply talented in few things, there is one guy near my area who works as a cook in a local tea shop, his potato bonda is something out of the world, I have not tasted such a tasty bonda in my life, probably he wud be earning a meager 2000 bucks a month after boiling himself in front of that hot furnace, if I can convince him to eject from there and if I start an evening bonda shop, that would be a good start, but the issue here is, I would be too dependent on an individual, I strongly believe on one fact, that is, never do a business if you are not aware of the tricks of that trade, it's not just that you have money and you are trying your luck on.

Well, too many cross thoughts going on these days and I don't know where my instincts will take me, but I have no immediate plans of quitting this IT field at least for another 5 more years. I request my readers to help me in throwing some great ideas for a start-up and I swear, if the idea is good, we can do a combined business with them as well. One of my cute little friend used to tell me this - "Life is once and live that to fullest" so I will have to take her words here.


  1. Hey Sat,
    How can i forget that..Watta response we got. Still remember the day when u and me were in KS's(MD of the company) room, where he was all gaga abt (o)ur show...

    All the best mate...You shud give a try...i am sure u'd be good in watever u do mate!!

  2. Hey Sat,

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  3. I suggest catering.. i myself so wish to open a small dhaba kinda thing :(


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