Ramblings of a Soul ...

When destiny seems to be a moving target and aims appear to be smudged in your mind all that you can do is to search for a silent space in your brain to wander freely without being disturbed by any noise, it’s the noise made by your heart, which at times sounds like a music, at times sounds disturbing, when there is a time where you can't decide whether it's a noise or a disturbance, that's when your soul starts to ramble and search for something which no one knows what it is, including you ...

Who said, a confused mind is an "un-tied dog", just because it does not stand in one place you cannot say so. A confused mind is the place where all the inventions start, some invent for the mankind and some invent themselves. When the search of the unknown is truly on, the ultimate chaos kicks in and it makes us look really funny even for ourselves. Some come into your life to add confusion and some come into your life to clear them, but you will not know the result until they depart. Angels are good to hear in stories and your heart would certainly not believe when they come in real life, as we would expect a bright ring over the head and two big feathers attached to their sides. Everyone has a bell inside, but unfortunately the string is also inside, and hence you can never pull that on your own, you need an angel to pull that string for us to hear the sound loud and clear.

Life is a race for all of us, some tend to participate even though they know that they are not going to win that, but, does winning is the ultimate destiny ? What next after winning? Is it oblivion? Life as such is oblivion isn’t it? Every day begins with a ray of hope, someday GOD gives you a lamp to rub and someday he opens a Pandora box, and we have no clue of what to do with both of them, as we are searching for something which we are not sure of what it is. Things we have missed in life are aplenty, things which we are missing in life are also aplenty, at the end, we would have realized that we have just missed "Life". Things which come into your heart never ask for permission, at the same time, when it decides to go out, it still does not need your permission.

Wait Wait Wait ... did I blabber something here?? Ah, just because I need to post something today, I have just let my "soul" to do the writing, and now it’s pretty clear that, both me and my soul are two stupid nuts, see the way he has scribbled here, not a funny writer like me ah!!!. "Hey dude, can you just go back inside? It looks like this post of yours will seriously bring down my followers count ... ". I have just asked my soul to get back and I don’t want to disappoint him by not posting this, so kindly excuse ...


  1. Seems like a storm in ur head!!!
    Each one of us goes through it some time or the other.
    As u rightly said,a confused mind does bring in a lot of discoveries and inventions!!!
    So good luck!!

  2. whoa...

    this is post that shud have been cross posted in my page... isnt it me whose going thru internal conflicts?? :-P

    anyways... it aint any blabber... as u said its d soul talking... :-)

  3. @Shylu - No Storm and all dude, Its just that I wanted to say something and it came out that way ...

    @The Rat - Hey buddy!! Everyone goes thru this kinda phase in life and I hope you and me are in the same boat, that's it. Anyways, there is not copyright protection to that, so feel free to copy / paste it to your blog ;-)))


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