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Its an usual Monday morning Vineeth has to rush to office, but his shuttle had some issues and hence it refused to start, he had an important meeting that day and he gotta rush. He immediately radioed his wife Sindhu who was already on her way to work in her shuttle, she was too busy in driving and hence she ignored that radio signal. Vineeth was scratching his head not knowing what to do, and fortunately his neighbor who works in a near by station was starting his capsule, Vineeth bounced on it and requested for a drive, but his neighbor told him that his capsule does not have enough oxygen and hence it could not support two people, he pressed the oxygen level button which was on his top and it read as LOW, Vineeth has no other option other than using his back belt mini rocket to go to his work, with the prices of rocket fuel touching almost 12000 stars per gallon, he had to use that ...

After reaching her station Sindhu radioed Vineeth and she got an automatic response where a robot will say what Vineeth is doing at that time, it said Vineeth is busy in the lab experimenting on the new species which he needs to release by this weekend. Sindhu too was busy with her research of discovering a new medicine which will postpone death. Vineeth got immersed in his work and by noon he started to feel hungry, he immediately pressed the "food load limit" button which was just above his right forehead and the indicator level showed "Empty", he knew that the backup time is just 20 minutes, so he opened his wallet and took out the "Heavy Dose" food tablet and then swallowed it, he can be rest assured for another 3 weeks that he wont feel hungry. He radioed Sindhu once again and passed on the signals saying that she needs to get more "Food Tablets" as the stock level is very low.

Both Vineeth and Sindhu came back from work by 11 in the night and Sindhu slipped into her night dress where the Oxygen mask is permanently fitted, which she feels is comfortable. She radioed Vineeth saying they need to go to the baby bazaar to pick a baby of their own, Vineeth too responded back saying that he is yet to prepare the final plan of the baby they wanted and it will be done by that year end, and also he added that he checked with the bazaar owner about the specification he had in mind and those kinds of babies are not readily available in the market and hence he need to order for a special cloning. Sindhu said she cannot afford more than 1000000 stars for a baby as they don’t have enough budget to do that. Vineeth said he will take care of the budget and in another 3 or 4 light years they would be having a baby. Vineeth sent a kiss radio signal to Sindhu which she gracefully accepted.

The next day morning both of them got up when the global broadcasting system warned of a probably alien attack on them, and it asked all the residents to be safe in their respective capsules, and also it said that these aliens would suck all the oxygen and leave them dry, so they asked all the residents to protect their "Oxygen Outlets". Sindhu and Vineeth activated the "Mixed-Air Compressor" which would circulate the oxygen inside the mask and eject poisonous "Petroxin". As announced the aliens stormed their area and due to the emission of "Petroxin" most of the aliens died. The city administration then pressed the "Automatic Evaporating Machine" and then turned all those died aliens into vapor. These kinds of attacks are a common site in their area, so Vineeth and Sindhu were quite used to it.

Vineeth was asked to go abroad for an important conference and after hearing that news he signaled Sindhu saying that he wont be back to home today as he is leaving abroad, Sindhu radioed back to him and asked him to take his "Gas Protection Mask" if in case his capsule's protection layer gets damaged by a possible alien attack. Vineeth could not get back home to collect that jacket so he sent his clone and ordered him via his "Brain Sensors" to get the mask for him. Sindhu knows that it will take at least 10 light years for Vineeth to come back, but as always there is this miniature "Time Machine" which would take her to him anytime she want to. Vineeth set his "Navigation System" to his destination and then decided to take a quick nap, before that he checked his "Heart Disk" to see when was the last time he slept, and it was somewhere 12 light years ago, so he decided to take a small nap as this journey would take a minimum of 3 light years.

Sindhu in the mean time achieved a rare feat in her research where she just discovered the formula to extend the current life span of 300 light years to 500 light years, this is one important discovery for which the entire universe was waiting for, she thoroughly tested that formula by feeding it to an two legged species which is almost rare to see at this era and the life span of that species seem to have increased. The entire lab was proud of sindhu and her boss gifted her by presenting her a new capsule which would go at a speed of 5000 photo neuron. Sindhu immediately radioed Vineeth and he got that signal while he was half the way to his destination, Vineeth was very proud of his wife and he signaled her back with a "Virtual Hug and Kiss".

When Vineeth was away Sindhu got a call from the baby vendor saying that they have successfully cloned their child and its ready to be delivered, Sindhu was doubly thrilled and she cross verified the specification with hers. It had 4 eyes (two in the front and two in the back), 1 Heavy duty micro sensitive ear on the top, 16 remote sensored wheels which can go in any direction, and one 360 degree rotating head, 4 robotic arms with 4 fingers in each hand and a stomach which can hold 5 quintal of goods, and the expiry date was crimped as 8088 which is 5000 light years away. There was a small mis match in the color but she was ok with it, she passed on an URGENT radio signal to Vineeth and sent him the news of the arrival of their baby and Vineeth radioed her and expressed his happiness and told her that he will be back in another 1 light year time to see the baby.

Sindhu tried calling her parents to pass on this good news, but all she got was an automatic recorded voice of a robot saying "All lines in this route are currently busy, Please try again later", she told herself that "Nowadays all the lines in MARS are so choked and getting a call connected to EARTH has become very difficult"


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