Wondering Why ?

Have you guys ever wondered why for the following factors ?

1. Why new born babies should not see the mirror for 1 year ?
2. Why should we avoid onions or garlic on a no-moon day ?
3. What superstition does cat have when it crosses the road ?
4. What is so great if we wake up on a fox face ?
5. Why do we expect a crow to come and eat the food on a ceremony day ? Why not other birds ?
6. Why does lizard alone has a "palan" factor when it falls on us ? why not "yeli" or "cockroach" ?
7. Why are pregnent ladies not allowed to see an eclipse ?
8. Why do we squeeze lemons under our vehicle tyres ? Why not a water melon or a Jackfruit ?
9. Why do people refuse to buy vehicle's which has hit a PIG ?

And why the hell i need to strain myself like this when i am feeling sleepy ? :-)


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