Jan 26, 2008

Life is like that ...

This beautiful parrot was living in a thick dense green forest where it had no issues for food or shelter, life was going peacefully for that little one and days just rolled on. It had a beautiful nest on one of the tree top and lived all alone in that. One fine day the parrot went out for hunting food, he saw his fellow parrots vacating their nests and leaving somewhere, he switched to his inquisitive mode and asked them where they are going, one of his fellow parrot told him that there is another mountain nearby which is much greener and peaceful than this, also they will be getting unlimited food all around the year and hence they are leaving there. This rather sounded excellent for our parrot and hence decided to follow suite. He too rushed to his nest and gathered all the necessary stuffs that he need to carry and decided to join them, but unfortunately it became too dark and by then all his fellow mates flew away. He was left all alone in that wonderful forest and this lonliness really killed him, daily he used to enquire about that new mountain to other birds, but none showed any sign of knowing about it.

Days became months and months became years, his fellow parrots never returned to this mountain. One day he happened to meet a Vulture and that Vulture told this parrot that he is coming from a far away distance and hence requested this parrot to allow him to stay in his nest overnight, parrot happily permitted him to stay with him overnight and during their dinner, this parrot asked him about that new mountain and told him that all his fellow parrots have gone there long back and he too would like to join them, initially the Vulture gave him a puzzled look and asked him, Why does he want to leave this wonderful place, without any hesitation the parrot told him that he heard the new mountain is much more greener and peaceful and hence he would want to live there. The Vulture told him that he will be flying via that mountain tomorrow morning and hence he can follow him, this parrot was extremely happy to hear that and was awake all the night with his things packed and was all set to leave his nest. They both started early in the morning and the Vulture took him to that new mountain and said a big thankyou for allowing him to stay overnight at his nest, this parrot inturn thanked him for showing him the way to this new mountain. Vulture wished him "Best of Luck" and flew away.

With extreme joy and happiness this parrot went in search for his friends, after flying for more than 6 hours he felt very tired and then looked for a suitable tree to construct his nest, night dawned in that dense forest and the parrot was fast asleep due to tiredness. The parrot thought that he will surely meet his friends the next morning and decided to sing his favourite tune so that his fellow parrots can hear and reach him, so he started singing "koo kooooo kooo kooooooo" and within a flash there came a speeding arrow and shot him on his head and he fell down un-consious. When he got up he was surprised to see that he was sorrounded by all his fellow parrots, Yipppeeee!!! he jumped in joy and asked his friends how he came here ?, one of his friend said in a feeble voice that they have been captured by a hunter and soon they all will be killed, this news landed as a thunder in our parrot's heart and cursed himself for his desire. He could not digest the fact that he cannot go to his good old nest anymore. One fine day our parrot was laid to rest by that hunter and during his dying moments he visualized his good old days in that old mountain where he lived happily without any issues and atlast closed his eyes forever.

This story is applicable to all of us who think that what they have on hand is the worst than what our friends have, it may be our job, our salary, our status, our location, our car, our dress etc. etc. never ever think that the other side of the park is always green. Its always easy to get carried away by things we hear, but every good thing in this world has a defect and its upto us to decide whether we are having a happier life or a pathetic one. It all depends on our mindset and not on the environment. I just read a wonderful quote in an email forward, it read "Life gives Answers in 3 ways, It says "YES" and gives whatever you want, It says "NO" and gives you something Better, It says "WAIT" and gives you the Best ..." i would like to carve this hard into my heart and feel happy with what GOD has given me today, and i am ready to WAIT ....


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