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Do you still remember ??

Ah, its time to kindle some good old memories and i am going to test mine and request you folks to take this test. I hope this will be fun.

1. The first day to school ?
A: I could recollect a bit, not completely though. It was a monday and my Chitappa dropped me at school in his bi-cycle and i was standing at the gate and watched till my chitapa's cycle dissapeared from my sight and moment he went off my sight i started to cry and a gang of aayaa's came to the rescue.

2. Name of my first friend at school ?
A: I think it's Jaya (not sure though)

3. Your first pocket money amount ?
A: Rs 50 when i was doing my 1st year college.

4. Your first electronic gadget ?
A: A SHARP walkman (1994)

5. The first excursion you went ?
A: Crocodile Park, Chennai

6. First costly Item you lost and felt extremely scared to tell that to your parents ?
A: A brand new PARKER pen, lost the next day that was gifted to me by my dad (1991)

7. Your first lie (out of the many) ?
A: Took my dad's office bag and hid that inside a cupboard and told him that i never saw that

8. First punishment at school ?
A: Made to kneel down in front of the principal's room for getting 30 black marks in a month (naangelaam singam la ...)

9. First love ?, ok let me change, Your first infatuation ?
A: One of my english teacher (Latha), oh man she was gorgeous. I was doing my 2nd std that time (pinjulayae pazhutha caseu ;-))

10. First 1st Rank at school ?

11. Your first trophy ?
A: Won 1st prize in an Oratorical competition (English), 7th Std

12. Your first FAREWELL ? School or college ?
A: School - My school had only till 10th and hence all of us have to seperate to persue 11th in a different school. That was a tearful farewell indeed.

13. First movie at theatre ?
A: Shankarabharanam - Went with my chitapa and paati (1981), PIlot theater, Royapettah

14. First time you felt you are a HERO
A: When i won a game for my class against another section (5A Vs 5B). I was the last player to play for my class, and the game is called leg cricket.

15. Your first secret, which still remains as a secret ?
A: Ah, do you think i will tell that secret ... never .......


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