Atlast the JINX is over ...

Wowww, what a moment for INDIAN cricket and Sachin Tendulkar, after falling in the 90's for 7 consecutive times, Sachin decided to break that JINX at Syndey and provided all of us a memorable treat with his 38th test ton. There were many changes in his approach this time, he does not look a bit nervous when he was at his 90s and just to make him panic Ricky Ponting brought in his lethal weapon Brett Lee to charge at him, just to accept the fact that the over bowled by Lee found sachin out of sorts (only for that over) and later he regained his senses and blasted a four in the next over of Hogg. It was 94 now and then he nudged off few singles which took him to 96. By then he lost Doni and Anil in quick succession and was joined by Harbajan, at that point in time Sacin does not know that Bhaaji is there to provide a scintilating knock of 63 off just 82 balls. Ricky brought in M. Johnston into the attack and Sachin took another single to take his score to 97, he then face Lee in the next over and took his score to 98. The entire nation plunged into prayers and each and every die hard Indian cricket fan were murmuring their favourite solga and there came that exciting moment where sachin nudged off to a double between covers of Stuart Clarke and entered into his magical figure of 100 after nearly 15 test matches since 2005. It was a moment of mixed emotions for Sachin, he just stood with his hands up in the air and was looking at the sky for more than a minute and then closed his eyes and thanked all his GOD's.

The entire stadium gave that little genius a standing ovation and it took a while for the claps to settle in the auditorium, the entire aussie team congratulated him and it was a moment of pride and glory for India. Sachin took his lead in test tons by 1 and is now standing as the leading centurian in tests with 38 tons in his bucket. I just jumped in joy and screamed a big Yipppppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Sachin carried on to make an unbeaten 154 while he ran out of partners at the other end. Chk out this exclusive video of that wonderful moment HERE

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