On a Rainy Day !!!

Its a rainy night and cold breeze is weaving the night to be an absolute romantic one. She is all alone at her place and lying on her bed and suddenly from the dark HE appears and she just could not believe that he is in, immedieately he got on to her bed and started to play his fingers on all over her body, she started to feel the heat and started to sweat but since this being the first time she does not know how to react, so she kept quite and allowed him to roam all over her body and he was quite happy that she didnt react much. She just could not control her senses as he fingers all around her, and for a moment she thought that she is doing some big mistake, but at the same time she told herself that she is not doing something that is against this society and she just couldnt control her feelings, at last she took him on her hands and gave a tight kiss with a big notebook and there died that male cockroach.

btw - what the hell you were thinking ?? you filthy mind .... ;-)

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