What i did today ...

Ah, my new year has infact started at 12:00 midnight, and to my surprise the first one to wish me on this new year was my best buddy, she messaged me at sharp 00:00, that was the timestamp in my mobile. I got up at around 5:30 and went to THIRUPORIR temple with my dad. I have to drive the car as our driver has quit his job, ketaa JOB ROTATION venum nu sollaraan. I took the pain of travelling on Old Mahabalipuram Road, my GOD thats equivalent to 3 bangalore's, toooo pathetic. I wish all Infosys, TCS, CTS, POLARIS, Accenture employess all the very best to continue there adveturous journey to office on that pathetic road.

I came home by 10:00 from that temple and picked up my phone and wished all my friends, had a good nap in the noon, seekaramae ezhundhadhu naala kannu erichal vera. Chittapa and Chitti were here so general vetti arattai with them. With a very heavy heart, i decided to pack all my things in my bag and get ready to go to bangalore, indha 10 days of leave / working from home has made me go back to my schooling days, where i used to hide inside the bathroom till the rickshaw man goes and come out later, appo thaan i will not be sent to school nu oru nenappu, but my mom used to drag me out and catch the rickshaw wala in the next street and board me onto that.
Well ... ippo kakoos la olinjukara vayasum illa ... size um illa, so i have to go bangalore for sure. I just thot of scribbling these in my blog and put a pullaiyaar suzhi on the new year for my blogging, appo thaanae 2008 la 100 blogs panna mudiyum. Ok guys, gotta leave now ... will continue this blogging from bangalore.

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