Zeus the Hero ...

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess, her name was Sara. She had the power of beauty which will make anyone fall in love with her. A king by name Zeus came to know about Sara and her beauty and wanted to marry her, Zeus is equally beautiful and he was confident that Sara will agree to marry him, he headed towards Sara's country inorder to marry her. He reached Sara's empire in the mid-night and reached the palace, the body guard questioned his identity and later allowed him to meet the king. King Indus (Sara's father) asked Zeus of the purpose of his visit, he told him that he needs to marry Sara and told him that he wanted to meet her. The king then told Zeus that if he needs to marry Sara there are many hurdles that needs to be overcome and if he fails in any one of the challenges, off goes his head. Zeus agreed for the challenge and here starts the adventure ...

Zeus was first pushed into a dark room unknowing what kind of a danger that awaits him, all of a sudden he felt something was tightening his neck and before he could react it almost squeezed him to death, but out hero Zeus took his sword and then gave a mighty blow on the object which was tightening his neck and there died a big ANACONDA snake. King Indus was surprised to see that he had killed that snake. The next challenge was even more scary, Zeus was asked to walk on a rope from one end to another spanning a distance of more than 2 miles, but the danger is, left side of the rope had a huge river of FIRE and the right side of the rope had a huge pool of hungry corocodiles, Zeus was not given a stick to balance, after a hard struggle of more than 5 hours, Zeus managed to cross the ends. King Indus was extremely happy with his performance.

The next great challenge that was thrown to him was very dangerous than the above two, Zeus has to jump from a mountain top where he has to land on a series of swords and poisonous thorns, a slight miss in his angle or direction, the swords will tear him apart or he has to get pierced by those poisonous thorns, All Zeus had to do is to exactly land on a piller of a small diameter which can accomodate just his legs, Zeus made a calculated jump and landed exactly on the pillar. King Indus went speechless and was confident that he has the potential to overcome the last challenge.

King Indus, showed the photograph of Sara to Zeus and asked him to have a look at it, Zeus was thrilled to have a look at that photograph as he had come a long way to conquer that beauty, here comes the turning point of the story, what a rude shock will it be for king Indus, Yes!! our here Zeus died on the spot on looking at that photograph. Indus told to himself - "Naa appavae sonnaenae, oorla sollaradha elaam nambi, ponnu ketu varaadheenga nu, idhunaala thaanae da avalo kashtamaana test elaam vechu ungala kaapaatharathuku oru chance kuduthaen, paavi paya elaa test um paas pannitu, ippadi aniyaayamaa usura vittutaanae, hmm vidhi yaara vittudhu".
I am sure you folks will be eager to see what that photograph had, ok, please have a look at the snap at your own risk, people with a lighter heart are not advised to view this snap. Just pray to GOD and click HERE

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