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Kavya decided to leave Varun for good and does not want to be with him, she told herself that she has had enough of him and its time to bid adieu to this painful relationship. Kavya is a software engineer at a leading MNC in the city and Varun too is a software guy, initially things appeared to be rosy to both of them, their first meeting is still afresh in Kavya's mind, she met him at a browsing center and of course its not "Love at first sight". Days went on and coincidently they both happened to meet at the same browsing center and later on they went to the browsing center just to meet each other, one fine day Varun broke the scilence and proposed to Kavya, though Kavya liked Varun, she made him wait for a month and then acknowledged his request, typical girl's mentality. Varun is a telugu guy and Kavya is a tamilian, both had their own butterflies flying inside their tummie's with respect to disclosing their affair to their parents, but somehow things went fine and they both got a nod for their marriage from both sides, that day was infact the (only) good day they had in their relationship.

Marriage date was announced and everything went fine as per their plan and both felt they were blessed, but little they know at that time, that they were blessed to be cursed. Varun was no different from a normal guy, he showered all his love and affection on Kavya for a month and later started to behave weired. Kavya too noticed this change but did not take it seriously untill the day that incident happened. Kavya came from office a bit too early than the usual and to her surprise Varun was at home even before her, but its not only Varun at home, but also his project mate Anamika. Kavya did not care much of her visit and hence headed towards the kitchen to prepare night's dinner. Varun not knowing that Kavya has already arrived had a little bit of "fun" with Anamika, it was all giggles and no-no's from Anamika and for a moment she ran out of their bedroom and Varun was chasing her to the hall and all these, in front of Kavya. Both of them were shocked to see Kavya at home at that time and did not know how to react. Varun then asked Anamika to go and for the rest of the day it was total scilence at home.

Next day morning Kavya seemed to be very relaxed and looked as if she had forgotten what had happened yesterday. Varun said that he has to go to office to finish some un-finished task, Varun talking about office work on a sunday puzzled Kavya but she did not say anything. It was around 1:00 AM in the morning, Varun came home fully drunk, which was infact a rude shock to Kavya, he was not able to stand in a position and was wavering to gain balance, Kavya took him to his bedroom and made him to sleep. Next day morning Varun went to work without even informing to Kavya. She just could not stand his behaviour and hence emailed him saying that she needs to talk to him personally and hence asked him to come to a nearby restaurant at around 5:00 in the evening. Kavya went there well in advance and all she did was waited there for 2 hours and Varun did not come, her repeated calls to his mobile were un-answered, tear balls popped out of her eyes and had a glance at her face. Varun's sudden change and his behaviour confused Kavya and all she was asking herself is "What mistake i did ?".

It has now been months since both of them exchanged any conversation and one fine day Kavya told Varun that she needs to go all alone and does not want to continue this relationship, Varun on the other hand reacted as if he expected this from Kavya and immediately accepted to her offer, this reaction almost killed Kavya and her heart was wanting to ask Varun "Why ???", but her ego slapped her not to do so. Both of them met a leading advocate in the city and applied for a divorce, and the first question the advocate asked them was "Why ?" both of them did not have an answer. Later advocate asked Varun to wait outside and spoke to Kavya to understand the reason for divorce, Kavya burst into tears and told the advocate of what all happened and she too does not know why Varun is behaving like this, she made sure that she informed about Anamika to the advocate and told him that she has no issues in Varun marrying her. Its now the turn of Varun, and Kavya was asked to wait outside.

Before even the adovcate started to ask him for a reason, Varun broke out in tears saying he acted as of he is hating Kavya, just because for the reason, Kavya should accept her long term onsite opportunity at her office, she being a career oriented female, rejected that offer just because she has to leave Varun and go, so he has no other option other than acting weired and hence make her accept that offer which will really boost her carreer, there came Kavya running towards Varun and gave him a tigh hug and it was all emotional for a while.
So the theory of divorce rates shooting up between software couples may not necessirily be ture in all cases.


  1. Hi Sathish,

    I was reading two of your blogs - Software couple, and another one of the Baby.. Just after these two blogs, I felt straining my eyes to read further..

    Can you rethink of changing your background...also you cant read a page thats weird in the background..


  2. Hi Sridhar,

    I will take up your request and see how i can change the style. I know if i change the background, i need to edit all my posts and change its font color :-(. OK tell me, if the background is bothering you or the foreground font is straining your eyes, i will work as accordingly. Thanks for this positive comment.


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