Jan 26, 2008

Darling's Day Out ...

Hip Hip Hurraaayyyy!!! It was a cake walk for my beauty doll Sharapova at the Australian Open 2008 finals to clinch her 3rd grand slam of her career. It was all Mariya from the word go, though her serbian opponent tried to give her a tough fight in the first set but just gave up in the second and the final score read 7-5, 6-3 and i just enjoyed the "cup kiss" by Maria on my big LCD TV, hmmm, i wish i would have been that cup ;-)). Its not that easy to maintain high standards in modelling, social welfare and also sports, but this cute glam girl does all that with ease. I would have just given up watching tennis after the retirement of my dream gal of yester years "Steffi Graf" if at all Maria wouldn't have entered the circuit, beauty and tennis are made for each other it seems ... well, i am gonna enjoy it as long as it continues.


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