Gentlemen ...

Can i just say that these people are educated fools ?? I dont wanna take names here, but there are people in this so called "Educated" software industry who lack very basic ettiquttes of decency. I am sure you guys can easily see one such character in your work place by reading on the below mentioned points ...

1. If somebody gets a new mobile to office, that "gentlemen" would first grab it and view the "Address Book" and start asking "Who is this Meera ? That infy girl ah ?", "Hey who is this senthil da ?, the one who dropped you in his bike last week ?". He expects a detailed explanation of all such names along with their Star and Horoscope. Appadi solaati avangaluku mandayae vedichudum ... "Sindhu Bairavi" la vara Janakaraj maadhiri.

2. If a colleague sitting next to that "gentlemen" gets a call, even before that colleague picks it up, this "gentlemen" will ask "Who is that ? Dad ? Girl Friend ?, "amma vaa?" without answering to that "gentlemen" you will not be allowed to answer the call. Suppose you pick up the call without answering him, you will constantly hear his voice in the background "appa thaane ?, senthilaa ?, hey suni naa en kitta kududaa ?, kavithaa vaa ?, yaaru da ? namba mokka kumaara ?", indha thondharavukaagavae, its better we disclose the identity before we talk. Ivanunga cell phone la call vandhaa pesa maataangalaam, idhuvae aduthavan cell phone ku call vandhaa adhu enna samaachaaram nu terinjukara varaikum, porukka maataanunga, goiyaa mandayanunga ....

3. If a colleague logs into his / her personal mail account, that "gentlemen" would make sure that he stands next to him and happily read his / her email along with them. If by any chance we do an "ALT + TAB" and change to a different screen, he will turn for a while and moment we turn back to our email account, that "gentlemen" will be back to his business (of reading others email). At times you know what will happen ?, when you are reading your personal email, you will hear a voice saying "heyyy ... iru irru irru, konjam mela scroll pannu, andha second para ku .... "ungala paarkaama irrukaradhu .....", namba personal email la ... ivaru unnipaa padichu paarkaraaraam, rascal.

4. From a common despatch room, that "gentlemen" will promptly bring his colleague's credit card statement and will insist his colleague to open it then and there and starts questioning him or her on their expense, apart from the detailed credit card statement, we need to give an even more detailed explanation of that expense to that "gentlemen". Enna mo ivaru thaan maasaa maasam namba billa kataraa maadhiri romba akkarayaa feelings kaatuvaaru, mudichowki.

5. When going as a gang to a cafeteria or a food court, voluntarily that "gentlemen" will accompany you and will refuse to order anything for himself, but when you order something for you, before you start eating it, that "gentlemen" would have happlily finished 50% of your dish and will say "enakku pasiyae illa pa, chumaa nee vandhiyae nu company kuduka vandhaen", adhaavadhu ivaru uthamaraam, namakku nalladhu pannarathukaaga thaan vandhaaraam, naadhaarrriiiii.

6. You have to notice them when they are amidst of (sumaar looking) girls. All he will talk is only about foreign countries, "you know what, when i was in south africa ...", "ya ya ya ya ... even in canada its like that", "no no no no, US does not follow that, they are quite different" naara paya, munna pinna flightae close-up la paarthuruka maataan, aanaalum appadi oru peter viduvaan andha attu figures kitta.

7. The biggest comedy will be in the rest room's, this "gentlemen" will never wash his hands after emptying his bladder. When he washes his face in the wash basin, he will simultaneously wash the arm's and shoulders of the next standing guy, avalo force aa water eduthu splash panni paaru avar face la. When is gargles water in his mouth, its always a safe to avoid washing in the next adjecent washbasin, because he will gargle and spit that water in his standing position, he will not bend to spit that water, that "holy" water will be splashed in the face of the adjecent guy who will bend and gargle his mouth.

So were you able to visualize such a character in your office ?? I am sure you will .... GOD save all of us from such crazy nuts ... Iyyooo Iyyooo

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