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3 Mobile Test Series - Second Test Match

Probably this is one test match which has provided all kinds of reactions to any cricket fan, so many ups and downs ahhn!!. This match has proven enough to ICC that AUSTRALIANs are such a ruthless cricketing team in the world. Just because we are playing at their soil, they should'nt have humiliated the Indians like this. Starting from the controversy of poor umpiring to Bhaji's racial complaint, Indians were cheated in all departments. I surely agree that our boys played the game with a true sprit.

I just can't understand why ICC is refusing to use the technology to a greater extent ? Are they feeling that if technology is fully dependent, then the need for manual umpiring will go void ? Let it go man, surely thats gonna be for the improvement of the game. How can anyone in this earth can give Ganguly and Dravid as OUT, when the giant screen is replaying their dismissals 100s of time in the stadium ? Why was the player not being given a chance to comeback if its pretty evident that the player is not out ? Attimes this game proves to be an "Idiot's Game" as its popularly quoted in the US.

From when an opponent team's captain's verdict can be taken into consideration for dismissing a batsmen brought in as a rule ? Its autrocious from the umpire's perspective in referring to the opponent team's captain, instead of the 3rd umpire. Like how the players have a "Code of conduct" dont these umpires have one ?. With all these hungama happening around, we should truly appreciate the innings played by our captain Anil Kumble, what a knock, he continues to prove that he is THE man of determination when it comes to fighting it out till the last. Once again the hard fact of Indian tail ender's inability to stick to their wicket has been exposed very badly in this match. Its painful to see that an international player cannot even defend the ball in the middle of the wood. I hope our boys would have learnt umpty number of lessons out of this match.

The only consoling thing is, ICC has taken India's appeal very seriously and they have shown Mr. Bucknor the door and also they have lifted the ban on Bhaji. Its good to see such an united Indian team and it was fantastic to see the way they have suported Harbajan at the time of crisis.

I would suport INDIA for this loss just because of the fact that India we playing with just 11 players, but Australians were playing with 14 players (incl all the 3 umpire's). I wish our boys a good luck with their next two matches, and particularly the next one to be played in PERTH which has a demon under its pitch, which will throw the ball at a fierceful pace at the batsmen.


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