Tsunami ...

கடலை விட்டு ஓடி வந்த ஓடுகாலியே
ஊருக்குள் நீயும் வந்தால் ஊரு காலியே
This was one of the funny poem which was published in one of the leading tamil magazine when entire south india was hit by this water demon. Till 25th December 2004 no one knew the term called TSUNAMI, but on that fateful black sunday 26th December 2004, all of a sudden this word got famous for all the wrong reasons. It all happened in no time and got over in a flash, in just a matter of 7 to 10 minutes it swallowed thousands and thousands of human bodies across the asia pacific belt, the worst affected contries are Indonesia, Srilanka and India. This incident will always be a pain in everybody's heart who happened to witness this tragedy, my heart goes for all those who have lost their loved ones and pray to GOD for them to give courage and strength to face life and let time be the best medicine to heal such a deep wound.

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