Dec 7, 2007

Its terrible ...

It was very dark everywhere and terribly cold, i was crawing on my feet and trying to find my way out of that place. I pricked myself to see if i am conscious enough to believe what i am seeing in front of my eyes, yes, i could see one of my friend standing in front of me and it was extremely bright, i was thrilled to see him, i crawled towards him with my hands stretched and then screaming at him with joy, but suddenly it became completely dark and my friend dissapeared, i was crying with pain and terrible cold. Once again there was a spark of light and i could see my lovely wife standing in front of me, i waived my hands at her, but that went un-noticed, i could see her looking at me with tears rolling on her cheeks, but before i could reach her, she dissappeared and there was total darkness and i was gripped with that biting cold. I could hardly move my feet and was slowly fainting, then i could hear voices of people talking .....
Hey where is your husband yaar ? One of my friend asked my wife, and she replied, "Ah, dont talk about that drunken nut, it just now had a full bottle of wine and got into the refrigerator thinking that to be his bedroom".


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