Kovam ...

He was trying to call her since morning just to ask her about the plans for NEWYEAR's eve, but she did not respond to his call till evening, he felt a bit worried, and he thought that yesterday's fight could be the prime reason for she not picking up his call. It was 5:00 in the evening and he has already got tickets for the movie "Billa" at Satyam theaters for the 6:30 show, he decided to call her once again and dialed his number this time he was lucky enough to get a response from the other end "The number you are trting to reach has been switched off, please try again later.
He does not know what to do, so he decided to go directly to her office, it was 5:45 when he reached her office, he was a known face to most of her colleagues and at the reception he was greeted by Shyamala, Hey Senthil, wat a surprise, enna indha pakkam ? Supriya enga ?, this question from shyamala made him terribly confused, he does not know how to react to this question and at the same time he does not want to give any clue that Supriya is not with him and he has come there to look for her, he then replied, "Indha pakkam oru velai irrundhudhu, adhaan unga elaarayum paarthutu NEW YEAR wish pannitu polaam nu vandhaen", he could not spend more than 2 mins there and immedieatly he whisked out of her office.
He was almost in tears. He then pacified himself saying that supriya will call him once she comes back to her mood and then decided to go to Satyam to sell those tickets, summa illa Rs 1000 ticket aachae. It was 6:15 when he entered SATYAM complex, what a surprise, Supriya was waiting for him at the complex, moment she saw him, she came crying and hugged him in front of 1000s of people, senthil does not know how to react, he was expecting that she will say sorry for not responding to his calls, but supriya was crying rivers and with a staggered voice she said, senthil, en mobile la tholachutaen daaaaaaa :-(((

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