Bye!! Bye!! 2007 ....


1. The year did not start well as expected, but was going on smooth.
2. Professionally no big improvements this year.
3. Personally also things did not change much.
4. Life continued in Bangalore with pain and thronging to come back to chennai ASAP
5. Got few new friends with whom i am comfortable with.
6. Health took a major set back with a ligament tear on the right knee, which almost paralysed me.
7. People at home started the hunt for my Miss. Perfect.
8. Salary hike was not that good
9. Started writing diary this year and hope to continue the same in 2008
10. One of my close buddy moved to UK with her hubby
11. Another close buddy moved out of blore and went back to chennai
12. Enjoyed my bachelor life in my own style - Blogging, reading, writing ofcourse sleeping.

Pathetic Moments

1. The suffering i had due to ligament tear
2. Had a prolonged silence with one of my long time friend
3. Falling sick quite often due to severe cold and developed wheezing
Happy Moments
1. The real happy moment was the news of my Besttttt friend getting engaged.
2. Got a new LCD Flat TV.
3. Converted all my cassettes into MP3 songs and compiled some of my favourite hits.
Overall Performance
FAIR - With very little happy moments to cherish but in general GOD has blessed me with a good peace of mind. Hoping for the next year to be much more wonderful and expecting some change in my personal / professional status.
Welcome 2008!!!


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