Dog's - An Interesting Insight ...

I know everyone of you would have seen DOG's but does anyone of you have seen them in the way i see them ? Check this out and let me know on how many points you guys agree me and how many points are new to you. BTW - this applies to all the DOG's in this planet

1. Dogs before sitting (anywhere / anytime) they used to come around that place 3 times and then only it will sit. (Without doing that, they will never sit)
2. Dogs run from one place to another and stand there for couple of seconds and then come back to the same place from where they started (This is what they say "Naaiky Nikka Neramum illa, panna velai yum illa)
3. Dogs while running (chasing) / walking always have their toungue out. (This is what they say "Naaka thonga pottundu alayaradhu)
4. Dogs always use their left hind leg to scratch its left side of the body, to scratch their right side of their body they use their teeth and not the right hind leg. (I found out this after researching umpteen number of dogs)
5. Dogs while fighting with another dog always have their EARS straightened hard, it will not be soft as like its normal posture (I luv dog's ears, it will be soooo soft)
6. Dogs before peeing on any object will smell that object for a long time and then only pee on it. (chu chu ponathuku apporam smell panninaa naarumo enna mo ;-)))
7. Dogs are the quickest animal in the world to pee in a very short time, they actually take just 4 to 5 seconds for going 2 toilet, within no time they finish off that task. (Phewww ... atleast for this i could have born as a dog)
8. Dogs never deliver puppies in a broad day light, they have the sense of estimating their delivery time and make sure that it delivers in a DARK place
9. Dog's tail is always let out when it sleeps, that inturn serves as a sensor which will alert them from any potential danger
10. The ability of dog's tracing back to it's home is purely by the sense of smell. What smell ?? of course its URINE. That's the way two groups of dog demark their boundary in an area. (Enga area ulla varaadha)
11. Dogs are the only animal which mates during broad day light (I am sure everyone wud have noticed this atleast)


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