My Perfect Rainy Day ...

Well, rainy days are always wet in our minds. If something that always facinates me, it can only be RAIN. I enjoy RAIN when i am outdoors or indoors, both has its own variety of mood that settles inside me. If i am out in rain, i dont prefer hiding myself underneath an umbrella, i love to get drenched, I love to walk all alone as long as i have a path to walk, dont care about how far i am from home, its something more devine to me. I somewhat feel that, as we get old, we try to distance ourselves from nature's wonderful spectacle callled RAIN, why is it so ?

RAIN is still the same, its pouring from heaven and kisses the earth all the time, but our views about RAIN has changed. When we were young, this the same mind which cried for going out and get wet in RAIN, dance as much as you can, splash water all over your body, roll on that wet ground, run like mad, design a lovely TITANIC and then make it sail on both sides or our street, for some poor designers like me, i used to simply tear a paper and then watch it float as long as it can in the streams that will be flowing on the sides of the road, when it drowns, you cry as if you have lost millions on that ship, and unfortunately those tears gets unnoticed in that RAIN.

So how does our perception about rain has changed as we grow ... check this out


1. Will pray to GOD that the school should be off today
2. If the school is off, i love having that lunch box stuff in the morning, and it will taste delicious, even if its going to be thair saadham and lemon pickle
3. Running from pillar to post to collect all my friends in a common place and play LUDO / TRADE (Its still RAINING outside).
4. Having a hot cooked lunch in the noon, Sambar Saadham, Rasam Saadham, Potato-Onion spicy curry, Thair saadham with Maavadu.
5. Nice afternoon nap after that heavy lunch.
6. Checking outside the window every now and then, whether its raining or not. If the rain stops, happiness goes into a den.
7. Asking my mom quite frequently - "Eppo maa, mazhai nikkum, niiku fulla nikaadhu la", and expecting a favourable answer.
8. A hot plate of pakoda in the evening. Paati's preperation
9. Sailing countless paper boats with my friends, and wasting lots of paper (unfortunately once it happened to be my dad's important office documents which were floated and i was (happily) made to stand in rain for a hour or so)
10. Expected powercut in the evening will just spice up the day and double my joy.
11. Having dinner with a small keroscene lamp, where amma places hot sambar saadham balls on my hand, thotuka potato curry (Still its raining outside)
12. Listening to an absolute HORROR story naratted by your brother or sister (Jai bathrakhaali ... choo mandhra kaali, that was a realy HORROR store once upon a time)
13. Having a good night sleep inbetween my dad and mom, feeling very cozy inside a blanket (Its still raining outside ...)

1. Shit ... Its raining and how the hell i can get to work
2. I have to struggle to get an auto today and all auto wala's will ask double the meter
3. All my roads have become damp and i just dont like to walk in that sluggish mud road
4. The clothes i have washed will not get dried because of this dampness, why the hell it has to rain today
5. The fear of someone splashing mud water on your clothes
6. The fear of driving on a rainy day, your breaks dont obey what you say
7. If its a CRICKET match that day and if it stops the match, we curse the RAIN so badly.
8. Powercuts takes us to the top of irritation and makes us scream on anybody for anything
9. Checking outside the window every now and then and pray that RAIN should get stopped very soon
10. We Hate having dinner with a small keroscene lamp
11. Above all, you feel even more irritated when your kid is happily sailing boat and you have to go to work.

Can someone tell me, what made us to develop such an aversion towards RAIN as we grow up ? I am still trying to figure out the truth, but i know, i still LOVE this RAIN

Now you guys tell me, how did your early days went with RAIN, just leave a comment.


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