Dec 7, 2007

She ...

Its been our first outing after our marriage and both of us were excited about that, i have my own plans of surprising her today and she was not aware of that. It all started well and went fine till we reached the most expensive hotel in the city for a candle lit dinner. This being an arranged marriage i did not have a full idea about her character and i thought this will be a good start to get to know each other. I left the choice of ordering the menu items for us to her and she got involved in reading that menu card so deeply, untill she heard a female voice calling ...

"Hey vasanth, what a surprise? Not even in the wildest of my dreams i thought i will meet you again, how are you ?", even i was extremly thrilled to see Vasanthi after a long time and i too reciprocated my happiness, i introduced my sweet heart to vasanthi and she told her that "This idiot didnt even call me for his marriage, but its a pleasure meeting you now".

Vasanthi is a personality who gels with every one and she is one girl everybody likes, I suddenly asked her where is Sindhu and its been almost 2 years since i met her, vasanthi told me that sindhu is very busy nowadays and even she had come to the hotel, my eyes sparkled for a moment and my heart skipped a beat over the excitement of me going to meet sindhu. Vasanthi told me that she will bring her to our table in a while and she went off. My sweet heart started to open her mouth - "Who is that girl ? Totally indecent, she is putting hands on you and talking ? I dont like that. BTW who is that sindhu ? and why do you have to enquire about her ? I could see the excitement in your face when you were asking about sindhu, if there is something that you are hiding from me, please confess now, i dont like people bluffing.
I was watching her till she finished and surprised to see that she has not given me an opportunity to speak, when i was about to tell her about sindhu, Vasanthi came along with that sweet little angel Sindhu who is 2 years old.


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