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Newly Engaged ? ... What to talk yaar ??

Hmmm, i was actually planning to put this on my blog for a long time. We have information for anything on the internet, but when it comes to relationships, we dont actually find much of information. In a country like INDIA, marriage is a very very complex affair, that too arranged marriage is something i call as "GAMBLE" not all the time you click the right chord. The interesting part of arranged marriage comes when the GUY and the GIRL meets in person and then start discussing about their likes and dis-likes and with a certain amount of trade-off they agree to tie the knot.

Well i am not going to talk anything about arranged marriage here, i am just going to give some tips for couples who have got engaged and are waiting to get married, so the time between engagement and marriage is suppose to be the most ROMANTIC period of their life (atleast i want mine to be ROMANTIC between that time window), but not all couples are really comfortable in this period and will run out of steam in a couple of meetings and then dunno what to talk, so me being an experienced campigner in such things (iyayoo ... enakku engagement aagala pa, but neraya kadala poturukom la, andha experience a thaan sonnaen) thought of giving a few tips here.

What intrests a GUY - Pasangaluku enna topics pesinaa pudikum - TO GIRLS

Generally guys will be impressed if a girl talks more about sports and its statistics, coz not many girls follow (any) sports. Not all guys watch movies (take it from me) and hence wasting much of a time in asking silly question like, who is your fav actor / actress is not going to help for an interesting meeting / topic.

Guys like when the girl talks on subjects which are boyish, you got my point ? In the sense, if a girl talks on stuffs that are generally discussed amongst guys circle, he will be excited, at this juncture i would like to clarify a point to all that, dont always think that GUYS will talk only abt that THREE letter word when they are with a gang, that's absolutely rubbish, ofcourse we do talk about girls but that will not be the only topic. Guys do know that girls always like "Last Bench Folks" than a "First bench 1st rank holder (sathiyamaa sollaraen pa).

So you girls should talk on topics related to girls, ask him whether he "Sightadichufys", and what does he think about love marriage, Thanni / Cigarrete adikara pazhakam irrundhudhaa ? or irrukaa ? appadi adichaa endha brand adipaan ? If you girls think that its too early a stage to ask such questions, don worry, for beginner's i have my next paragraph.

I am sure engaged people live over the phone and everytime they talk (for 1hr and above) all they discuss will be this - "Had your breakfast / lunch / dinner ?", "Hey enna pannara ?", "Thookam varalayaa ?" (eppo 12 mani ku phone panni indha question na ketpaanga), "Hmm .. Hmm ... ya ... apporam ? .. vera enna .. ?" all these are very common words, please please please dont get into such a mode of conversation, i bet you, it will be damnnn sleepy and boring. So how to make this converstation interesting ? Here we go ...

1. Start a conversation by telling your favourite pass time
2. What you will love to do when you are having a day off
3. What is the most happiest moment you have had in your life till now
4. You can share some of your funniest college experiences / work experiences
5. You can talk about your exciting travel / outing you have had in the past
6. Tell about your friends but dont make that as a topic
7. What kind of dress you normally wear
8. Which is your favourite food and also you can tell how good you are at your culinary skills (onnum teriyaati paiyan ushaaraa irrupaan la)
9. You can tell about your younger days(school pona kaalathulerndhu aarambinga)
10. What are the things you are scared off the most
11. Just create a funny situation and ask him how he will react. eg. If you beat him or slap him hard by (mistake), how will he react ;-)

Ok ok ... i could hear the scream - "What is for guys to talk to girls", wait wait, here we go for that...

What intrests a GIRL - Ponnungaluku enna topics pesinaa pudikum - TO GUYS



  1. awesome....

    esp......the statement under the topic "What intrests a GIRL - Ponnungaluku enna topics pesinaa pudikum - TO GUYS"......


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