You Never Grow ...

I don't know why people cannot accept change, though we all know that it is the only constant thing in this world is "Change". I happened to or rather forced to attend a family wedding sometime back and off-late I have taken an oath, not to participate in any public gatherings which involved "old maami's". Though I enjoy being single and a little proud of that as well, I feel so uncomfortable when I give my physical presence to attend marriages or any such function for that matter, every maami and maama would look at you as an exhibition doll and I somewhat felt like, people showcase you as the next candidate who is available for marriage and all the maami's and maama's will give a "avanaa-nee" kinda looks ...

I was dragged all over the mandapam and made to stand in front of all maami's and maamaa's and everyone would give a glance at me and would start the conversation by complementing my growth rate "Evvalo Periyavanaa Valarndhutaan" (How big he has grown) and one maami in particular was going ghaa-ghaa over the incident where I did "soo-soo" in her newly clad pattu saree and I felt that maami was suffering from a bad case of "Verbal Diarrhea" where she was not stop blabbering, and I just posed my "what-the-hell-he-thinks" kinda smile on my face which I have rehearsed for more than a week. The discussion went to extremes when she was sharing some private info about me to some other maami "Ivan chinna vayasula "adha" pudichunde thaan alaivaan, naa adhula katti varum nu bayamoorthina apporam thaan niruthitaan" (He used to catch "that" all the time, I told him that he will develop boils "there" then only he stopped". Satish was on top of his BP, WTF ?? Is that a topic to be discussed when that so called kid is "32" years old and standing in front of them ?

Some maama's seriously wanted to show their lost romantic ideas with me, they used to come near me and say "Hey, andha ponnu okvaadaa nokku ? chumma sollu, koocha padaadha, naa kooda saavithiri maamiya ippadi sight adichu thaan kalyaanam panninden" (Hey is that girl ok for you ? Just tell me, dont feel shy, even I married Saavithiri maami like this), by telling this, more than me, that maamaa will only be sight adichufying that girl for hours together and still continue to put the blame on me "I am seeing if the jodiporutham is ok or not", "Yaar mabbuku yaar oorgaai aaradhu" ?? Then one maamaa will become a maamaa's gang, and everyone will start looking at that girl. Maamaa's will really act funny during marriages, they will rewind 40 years back to their marriage days and will initiate a romance thread to their corresponding maami's, Once I got caught in a room where a 70 year old maama and 66 year old maami where talking romance in front of me "Nee annikku madisaar la jhammunu irundhadi kondhe" (you were looking stunning in that madisaar that day my babe), "Neenga kooda thaan panchakachathula raajaavaatum irundhel" (You too were looking like a king in that panchakacham). How long Satish can act as if he is sleeping ? and before it gets seriously wild, I coughed hard to the extent possible and played a referee role in separating those old "Love Birds"

Getting introduced in marriages is the most toughest part, one fine morning a maami appeared in front of me "naa yaaru nu kandu pudi paarpom" (Find me who I am ?), and I as usually put a "oh-no-not-again" kinda look on my face and gave her a blank stare, "Enna marandhutiyaa, naan thaan Sundari paati" (Forgot me, I am sundari Paatti) and still Satish is having this "ok-whats-the-big-deal" typa looks, and she threw the next bomb amidst of some good looking girls "Jattiye pottuka maata nee, unakku jetty podarathukulla porum porum nu aaidum" (You will never wear an underwear and it would be a tough task to make you wear one) and I heard a big round of giggles from that girls side and I felt so embarrassed, and I double checked if I have worn one that day. I just don't know how to react and was staring at that paati. Then the conventional statement of "Adutha Kalyaanam Unakku thaan" (Next marriage is yours) is another thing which puts me off the mood, and did I ever say that "Next funeral is yours" when I meet an oldie in a funeral ???. People around you always see you as a kid and they just paste that image in their brain and never wanted to come out of that. All said and done, elders are the humor part of any marriage and without them marriages would never be lively and lovely.


  1. "did I ever say that "Next funeral is yours" when I meet an oldie in a funeral ???."

    That was wonderful.I jus cant control my laughter.

  2. "Next funeral is yours" was awesome....

    y blood....same blood....

  3. ha ha ha ha.. seriously the very reason i stopped attending family functions ages ago... irrespective of ur age, u become the "Nee thaan aduthu" bride....

    Gethu uncle

  4. @Folks - Inime yaaraavadhu "Aduthu Nee Thaan" nu sollatume, apporam irukku avaalukku ;-)

  5. Unakkumaa??? I thought this (the part abt nee than next and lining up in front of oldies as the next prospective bride) happened mostly to the girls...can totally relate to it ! I know, I have suffered..mmm.. glad those days are over now.

  6. Bossu neenga Maama aayitu yaaraiyum ippdi sollidathael :P

  7. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Ha Ha!!!
    It happens everywhere...
    The most embarrasing part which i face everytime is that, my mom addresses me as "papa" before every other maami or mama and still they want this "papa" to get married next..!!!


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