Gone are those Days ...

Gone are those days where I used to cry and pester my dad to get me all those lovely assorted chocolates especially one particular brand called "Ravalgon" and carefully pack all of them (just 100 gms) inside a brown paper bag and I used to count the total number of students in my class and count those ravalgon's against each name, if there would be even one piece short, I used to run to the shop and get additional ravalgon's. That is one day where dad gets me this GEMS packet and that is all what I need. The thrill of wearing color dress to school and the pride of you being identified unique amongst the other uniformed sheep’s, teachers being so kind to you that day and not punishing you for any of your silly mistakes, you going to your class and distributing those chocolates by walking across all the benches and giving that one unique smile for your crush in your class and placing that additional Ravalgon in her hand and she giving back that vibrant smile ... and you tend to see her every now and then and check if she is noticing you and admiring your new dress ? wait wait wait ... did I blabber anything here ? ;-)

I used to go in rickshaw to my school and there would be 7 co-passengers with me in that rickshaw and I start distributing chocolates right there and I will be happy to give more pieces to my rickshaw man and tell him to give that to his kids, I still remember his face and name, he is Maari and a very good person by heart, he gets me something or the other that day and that wud be his bday gift. I remember once he got me a BIG-FUN chewing gum which was 30p that time and that was the first time I got "6" runs in that inside wrapper and that too on my fav cricketer Viv Richards, I don’t know how many times I kissed him that day for that gift, but we should understand that for his meager 30 rupees salary in a month, his heart to get me a chewing gum for 30p is big. Talking about big-fun, in those days BIG-FUN is the only chewing gum which created a revolution by bringing in the inside wrappers which will have the photos of all cricketers printed on it and if he is a batsmen they will have runs against his name and if he is a bowler they will have wickets against his name, and there was a competition where we should collect 1000 runs and 100 wickets, and the prize for that was a complete cricket kit, I was mad about it, but I ended up collecting just 450 runs and 80 wickets.

As we grow we tend to go inside a shell, the days where you wanted to trumpet on the roof about your birthday has now turned out to be a secret affair, you are afraid that someone may leak your birthday to your colleagues and your team mates and they may in turn pester you for a treat and you are not so comfortable in disclosing your age etc etc. GOD only knows when such a mindset is injected into us, well, I am not scared of disclosing my age though, for that matter I am not scared of sharing any or my personal information if a need arises for me to disclose. I am proud to say that I am kissing 33 today and bidding adieu to 32, well this year for sure is one of the most productive and happiest year I have ever had on my professional front, got a wonderful job with some un-imaginable salary, nice post and desig. On the personal front tho, nothing changed, but at the same time nothing turned worse as well, so I am happy. Looking forward for a successful year this time as well, hope GOD hears this loud and clear.

As I always say, I am a GOD blessed child and I have been given everything that I have needed and at times I used to feel that most of the things that I am enjoying in this life are beyond what I actually deserve. I wish to be like this, the way I am and would want to kiss my doom without any change in my character whatsoever. I don’t know how many more years are left for me, but I would like to thank God, my family, my friends and all my blog readers from the bottom of my heart for all the support and encouragement you have been giving me all this time and I request you folks to continue the same forever. I am starting this New Year with lots of hooks hanging over my head, but I am sure I will be turning those hooks into stars and just follow my instincts. Time to just move on and the fact of getting old is making me feel nice and I am just loving it.


  1. Hey,

    Happy Birthday!!

    Have a wonderful and funfilled year ahead!!

    May all that u wish for... come in your way!!

    One of my friends introduced your blog to me.. and im gald abt that.

    Few of the posts have made me laugh like crazy..... thank you for bringing in smiles on many faces thru your posts!!

    U can consider this as a victory and target on more like this...

    'Sumoku scooter cover' from 'anbulla kaadhalikku' was ultimate... by mistake i started reading it during my lunch break and couldnt control my laugh.. had to take a walk outside the bay to come back to normal...

    Thank you!!

    awaiting for another post like that!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Many more happy returns of the day.
    By the way i used to like caramilk chocolate those days....:)

  3. @Yogeswari - Thanks for you lengthy comments :) and I will surely try my level best to come up with something more hilarious than that.

    @Chennai Girl - Oh yaa, Caramilk is a good choco at that time. But my fav is always Ravalgon :) that too the Orange color :) I think your kid's bday is also coming rite ? I remember you telling him that he is a LEO :)

  4. Hey,

    Iam sorry abt the lengthy comment.. i jus wanted to say them all.... :(

  5. @Yegeswari - What is there to tender and apology ??? Come-on dude, there is no reason for you to be sorry about this. BTW - Going forward all my posts on tamil will only be on http://thamizhchuvai.blogspot.com so please follow my posts there.

  6. oh yaa, you got nice memory yes its due in august. He is gearing up for that rite from last year.

  7. :-P happy birthday uncle...

    and regarding ur Ravalgon adventures.. lolzzzz andha vaisleye sight ah??? :-D

  8. Belated B'day wishes!!!

    What I c through ur blog is a typical LEO character!!! Being a leo too, I know how nice to keep telling others abt the majestic char. of LEOs

  9. @Swetha - Thanks. Yeah, LEO's are seriously special people and are always unique. Well, may be a Belated Bday wish to you or Advance Bday wishes. Tk care and thanks for peeping in.

  10. Thanks!! Thats a belated b'day wish!

  11. Belated happy birthday Satish.. and i am sorry i was not able to check your posts earlier..
    and yea even i used to enjoy that one special day in school..
    I feel as we grow, we go apart from the circl, the people we are comfortable with, and hence we stop disclosing facts. School, the same group of people are with us since eons, hence the bonding is easier. Now a days with job swaps, place changes and all, it gets a bit difficult to enjoy intimate aspects like birthday and anniversary with the same gutso.
    None the less, very good that you have been keeping good... May the good streak continue for ever.
    God bless you Satish.

  12. @Amrita - Thanks for your wishes. I was about to file a missing blogger complaint ;-) Where were you been ? No posts from your side ?

  13. Work was getting heaped on me :( and nothing worth blogging was happening
    and too bad we gonna miss meeting :(


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