You and I ... In this Beautiful World ...

Sindhu just could not get out of the shock that she was proposed by one of her very good friend, she tried to convince herself that it is a natural thing, but her heart refused to get convinced, "How come someone who knows me very well can do this for me" is the question she was asking herself again and again. Shiva and Sindhu were very close friends, they know each other from her NIIT days, Sindhu felt very comfortable with Shiva right from day one, she considered him to be one of her best friends, she shared almost everything under the sun with him, Shiva is a very good listener, quite an opposite character to Sindhu, he never gets tensed or excited, he is calm and composed. Shiva too felt nice in being with Sindhu, he had a secret crush on her right from day one, but he never exposed that out ...

Sindhu is a good looking girl and she would be an obvious choice for any guy, she is an extrovert too. Lot of guys wanted befriend her but she preferred to hand pick her circle and obviously she would maintain a distance, but with Shiva she took a more liberty and diluted her stance, she used to call him whenever she goes out for shopping, most of the weekends Sindhu would expect Shiva to come with her and give her company, and Shiva used to acknowledge all her requests and be with her whenever she wants him to. May be I fueled the fire, Sindhu told herself, all the more Shiva is not a bad person to choose, he is a smart individual who works in a big company that too in a respectable position, still why am I not able to accept him, Sindhu's mind had a tug-of-war inside and she screamed "enough is enough".

Life at times throws tantrums at us and sometimes it will be beyond its limits where we would not be able to tolerate, Sindhu who is on the verge of getting engaged to Srikanth next week, did not expect this proposal to come to her as a shocker, in fact Sindhu updated every move from her side to Shiva right from the day both of their horoscopes came for matching, she shard Srikanth's photo with Shiva and asked him his sincere opinion, though she failed to sense this under motive when Shiva said, Srikanth and she do not make a match, as Sindhu always liked Shiva's frank opinions, she just took this statement that way as well. Already Sindhu is in a confused state of how she can marry someone who she does not know anything and even wonders how arranged marriages are the most successful than love marriages, considering the fact that the understanding factor is more in love marriages. But Sindhu was convinced that Srikanth is a nice guy and told Shiva that she is going to marry him.

Sindhu looked like a ball of emotions, she decided to call up Shiva and then vent all the anger on him, but that's the time she got a call from one of her common friend saying, Shiva has been admitted in the hospital as he attempted suicide. Sindhu's world came down crashing and the feeling of guilt and anger fueled the tear glands to work out more than normal. Sindhu rushed to the hospital to see Shiva, after all he is her best friend. Shiva's mother was shell shocked and she has no clue of why Shiva has to attempt such a stupid thing, she knows that both Sindhu and Shiva are very close, so she was desperate to get an answer from Sindhu, but how can she say that she is the reason for driving Shiva to take such an extreme step. Sindhu stood there like a rock. Doctors run here and there and the frequent opening and closing of the ICU room and nurse's asking from some medicines which nobody has ever heard off. Hospital scenes may be enjoyable in cinemas but in real life they are not that easy to be appreciated. Sindhu felt as if all her blood has drained out.

Shiva's mom told Sindhu that he looked visibly upset for the past 15 days, he did not speak out his mind to me as well, but he was telling me that "Why GOD always tests good hearted people", and when I asked why, he told me that he is unable to help one of his friend who is into some serious trouble but did not tell me what the real issue is. Sindhu too is clueless of what that could be, as Shiva did not tell anything about that to her and there are hardly any friends in their circle who is known to either of the one, almost all their friends are common friends, Sindhu thought that he could not disclose the real reason to his mom and hence he gave such an confusing answer. When they were talking, the doctors came out of the ICU and gave the good news that Shiva is out of danger, Sindhu's happiness knew no bounds and she was jumping in joy, the anger quotient has now vanished.

She told Shiva's mom that she will go and pay the initial fees and then come and meet Shiva, when she was standing in the queue, the local news channel flashed - "Techie from Bangalore has cheated more than 25 girls and married as many as 20 people", Srikanth was dragged by the city police and he was pushed inside the van, amidst of ladies throwing sand at him and spitting on his face, Sindhu could now recollect those statements uttered by Shiva to his mom, Shiva must have known something about Srikanth but he failed to convince her. Sindhu rushed into the ICU and Shiva did not have the guts to face her, Sindhu sat next to him and with a gentle weave with her fingers on his hair, she was about to say something, but then her mobile sung "You and I ... In this Beautiful World ..."


  1. Nice li'l one mate

  2. Sat
    Ungalukkula ivlo thiramai olinju irukka. Yaar antha singatha thatti yelupinatu :-) Supero super sat. Hats off...

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Nice one..

    (This song is one of a kind..!!!)

  4. Thalai.. Kalakrel!!!!

    Kavya Varun nu per vachi irukalame.... Nalla kadhai pa....

  5. olaaa.. such a cutie one this was

  6. Hm... next time onwards i'll read bottom up.Couldn't wait till the end!! :-)

  7. @Folks - Thanks a lot for your comments, this story was actually cooked up in 15 mins while i was waiting for my friend to leave to work, good that most of you folks liked it.

  8. Good twist at the end. Y dont u send it to magazines.

  9. @Chennai Girl - No one would be interested to publish, adhaan :)

    @Manish - I am not able to post comments to your blog :( not sure why.

  10. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Sat, Really sorry, wanned 2 block some spam comments and changed the settings. Now i guess its fixed. Try it..!! :)

  11. Bossu antha Siva neenga thaanae????

  12. that was fantastic :)


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