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FedEx the Match ... Andy the Heart

Never knew that a game can be so cruel at times. What an epic final this was, Andy Roddick and Roger Federer, right from the word go, this match promised to be a five setter and watching for close to 5 hours is worth every second. Federer was not all that great I would say in this final, he was pretty shaky, but Andy Roddick was solid like a rock, during the epic 14-16 setter, Andy was spitting lava during the initial stages, poor guy was waiting for a break point, but that never came. I am stunned to see the stamina levels of this top class professionals, it is not an easy joke to server at 135 MPH for a continuous 5 hours and these folks did that with ease...

I was skeptic after the first set if this game would last for a five setter, but Roger came back strongly and he was even more stronger to get the third set to make it 2-1, but Andy charged himself and came back with a stunning performance of 6-3 for the fourth set and stayed on for the title. Roger's fore-hand's collapsed during the 5th set and I thought he was out of sorts, but some of his trade mark cross court shots were truly awesome and not to forget the number of ace's he put, wow, it's 50 in this final. Andy was phenomenal in all departments of the game, he seriously gave Federer the run for his money, but unlucky chap, missed kissing the cup by a whisker. This is what I would call as an edge of the seat performance and I am sure we may not see many great Wimbledon finals like this

Today it was a star studded attendance at the center court, right from Sachin Tendulkar to Pete Sampras, Brian Borj, Rod Laver, McEnroe, Gallore (Liverpool Coach) and the darlings of Andy, Roger and Pete. The presentation ceremony was actually emotional to me, my heart goes for Andy and the way he controlled his tears was awesome and also he could manage to crack a joke by looking at Pete saying "Sorry, Pete I tried my best to pull him off, but couldn't", he displayed true sportsmanship and I am sure, he will one day clinch this cup and make us all happy. Seriously I would have been happier if Andy would have won this title, coz he deserved that today and he was a far better player than Roger Federer in this epic final. 2009 Wimbledon won by Roger Federer and Andy won a million hearts. Don worry Andy, it's just a game and thanking you from the bottom of my heart for providing such an entertainment.


  1. FEDEX is a true champion....

    But, the way Andy played and his speech took away the hearts of so many.

    "Pete, I tried my best !" to sampras whose record fedex broke

    "you already had 5"
    when Federer said he lost last year came back to win and Andy can do so next year...

    Andy you're also the winner.

    The Hindu had very nicely quoted
    "The grace of a defeat, the noise of victory never has"

    What a true statement !!!

  2. Roger won..Roger WOn.. Roger WOn...

    and hey Roger Federer and Feraro Rocher Rhymes.. aint it ??? :-P

  3. @Rat - I think you are suffering from Rogerophobia, so anything and everything would sound like "Roger" for you :))))

  4. a very nice blog :)i was almost crying as he won, such a poignant moment :p but roddicks won several hearts that day :)


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