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Today is an eventful day in my life as this is the first day I had been to a pub in my life. I was having a very different view about pubs, but today's visit changed it all. I thought the atmosphere would be full of nicotine and the entire place will stink like hell, but this place TGIF is really good, and not to mention that it’s been very expensive, but the place was neat and clean and the quality of food they served was very nice. It was a party hosted by my friend for he buying a Labrador (do you need a reason for a bachelor to party ?) and it was total fun ...

We were a gang of 7, where all of them except me were married and hence I had the full rights of enjoying the beauty of some really good looking girls, I should seriously admit the fact that one girl with a green top and a jean really has stolen my heart, man, that is what I call "drop-dead-gorgeous", her dressing sense was decent and her nose was as sharp as a compass (NB: I am lost when I see a sharp nose in a girl, that really turns me on), more like me I would say ;-) I know I just cannot resist myself in seeing her again and again, but owing to the decency factor, I tried my level best to not make it so obvious ;-))). But I am sure; I would be day dreaming for at least another 1 week by thinking about her.

The atmosphere was actually electrifying and whenever a gang laughs out loud of claps or whistles, the entire pub does that and cheer them up, me being very famous during my college days for the loud whistle I blow by bending my finger on my tongue, I did that same thing there and actually caught up few friends by that, they insisted me to blow the whistle and my god, seriously that was loud. I am the one who is a tee-totaller there and hence I settled with few french fries and a juice, though my gang tried hard to make me taste the liquor, I managed well to escape. We were chatting and lauging our ass out by discussing lot of naughty things that happened in our office and I imitated my boss and got a big round of applause. Of course enjoying the beauty of the girls was going on in parallel. I rated few of them 10/10 which is a record as per my standards :)

We all said it's done by 10:00 and then I was the one who dropped most of the dozed off folks and reached home by 11:00. On the whole it was an exciting evening after a long long time. Thanks to G for hosting this party and folks are expecting a similar party from me for my birthday. Let's see ...


  1. WAT???? 32 yrs and u have never been to a pub before... clearly u r such an uncle pa... Pub is not always equal to drinking, doping or grinding...

    anyways glad u had a good time.. sharp features huh... i have the rite Maami for u, Maama... :-P click here

    and u left by 10 pm??? really u r such an uncle... shame shame

  2. hehe hmm good tht u had a gud time and ur lucky frienddddd :( he got a doggggy :(
    and hey marriage does nt stop guys from rating gals :P ask K :D

  3. @Amrita - Ya ya, rating is a birth right for guys ;-)

  4. Neenga kandipa yarukachum boss-agi irupeenga. Ungala yaarachum imitate panni applause vangida poranga ;)


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