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Today I should say that I am a bit pissed off with Indians who are living in the US, and also the ones who have just visited US on their B1. We had lunch with some Americans and the topic was on US elections, and slowly one "Indian" started to compare things with Indian elections and he was like, in INDIA this is corrupt, that is non-sense, nothing is good, blah blah blah ... he did not stop there, he then praised US on all the petty things he has seen here. People are obeying for signals, they are organized, police are non corrupt etc etc ...

I too agree that there are some positives here and also lots of negatives, but an INDIAN, who was born and brought up in INDIA, did his schooling, college and even had his / her first job in INDIA, who have spent almost more than 2 decades in INDIA, don’t they know how our INDIAN system works ?? What is the need to expose the dirty side of our nation to an American individual who listen everything and then making a big laugh about our country ? This same INDIAN behaves well here, if he sees a "STOP" sign in a un-manned junction, even if there are no vehicles in the vicinity, he waits and then sees all the four crossing roads and then takes off his car, why that he can't do the same thing in INDIA ?, Why is that same INDIAN jumping signals in INDIA ?

We were discussing how organized was this US elections, then our fellow "Indian's" started saying, in INDIA we will hire people to come for campaign, we pay them a biriyani (as if that American knows what a biriyani is) and then bring them in lorrys to cheer the leader, we pay them some $1 or so (he is converting Indian money to dollars so that, the American will understand) and then ask them to cheer "Leader .. Long live ... " (this is also a literal translation of "Thalaivar Vaazhga ...". That American was stunned to hear that and said "That's the difference between a POOR country like INDIA", this particular statement really rubbed me a lot, it’s not that I am trying to be patriotic, but somehow I felt that we were washing "dirty linen in public".

I could just pity that gentleman who still thinks that INDIA is a poor country, nothing wrong in his notion, it is all because of our people who come here and paint such nasty picture about our country. INDIA minus POLITICS is HEAVEN to me, but still we have ample time to clear that shit, we educated young INDIAN youth's can bring in a big change to our country. If an American says INDIA is a poor country, I wouldn’t mind, but that statement was second by an INDIAN who should have said a big NO NO in the first place. Again, I am not a patriotic person, but I do believe that, if you say something wrong about your country, which has given you everything for the position you are in today, it is as similar as you talking non-sense about your mom.

I gave those two INDIAN's a very hot reply saying "If you and I were proper and if you and I would have voted properly, if you and I would have taken some initiatives to clean the shit, INDIA would not be like this", they both were silent and that American applauded this statement and he said, "Indians are much better than anyone in the world". We as a country have terrific respect across the GLOBE, so let’s try to safeguard that respect, and stop propagating the BAD things that are in our country. All countries have good and bad things to say, be proud that we are not like an IRAQ or a PALESTINE, where the citizens have nothing to be proud of their country. INDIA is truly a great country and let’s not have "INDIA" as a lunch table topic and make fun of it. I am sorry, I am not for that. I am PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN.


  1. hmmm can understand ur feelings...some ppl forget tht no matter how much they go gaga over american culture et al
    being an indian is thr identity end of day.. and a person who does nt respect his identity is as gud as naught....and u did the rite thing out there by giving him a fitting reply..


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