He Mail, She Mail, E-Mail ...

Sindhu decided to say NO to that guy, even though he had all the matching qualifications sindhu decided the other way. Raghu was one proposed alliance to Sindhu, he works in the US and earns a handsome ransom. Both of them liked each other even before seeing in person, they used to chat frequently in messengers and have long telephonic chats, things were fine till Sindhu received that anonymous email which had loads of complaints about Raghu, though she did not mind those emails seriously initially, but as those emails keep coming she decided the other way, she does not want to take a chance in her life on such things ...

Raghu on the other side was kept in dark, Sindhu slowly avoided talking, emailing him, even if Raghu calls her up she used to fake a silly reason and cut the call, Raghu too is smart enough to understand that something is fishy. One fine evening he called her up and as expected she did not pick his call, so he sms'd her saying, "I wanted to meet you, if you have time", she too decided to close this off for the one last time, since both of them were in the US and that too in the same city, New York, it wasn't a big deal in meeting him in person. Sindhu sms'd him saying, they can meet at 5 in the evening.

They met in one of the famous meeting point in NY, Starbucks coffee shop. Raghu seem to be cheerful and the same cheer was missing in Sindhu's face, Raghu asked her a straight forward question, "What's your problem Sindhu, you seem to be confused and changed?", Sindhu did not know how to open the topic and was sweating in that 15 degree temperature. Raghu asked her to relax and requested her to feel free to share her thoughts which are bothering her. Sindhu was a bundle of emotions at this point, she asked herself 100s of questions, "Is this a valid reason to reject a guy whom you like so much ?", "What will he think of me if I reject him over the reason of those anonymous emails?", "Am I really doing the right thing here?".

The hot cup of mocha was served on their table and a sip of that really made a world of good to Sindhu. She just did not want to be there anymore at the same time she wanted to tell Raghu that she is not interested to continue any further. Raghu too could not withstand this silence, he decided to open the issue, "So you are confused about the emails, am I right ?", Sindhu was shell shocked and could not sense who come he would have known all that?. Sindhu gulped a bit of saliva and nodded her head in a way of saying "yes". Raghu asked her, "So what have you decided ? Do you believe in that ?", Sindhu was speech less, but she broke her silence and asked Raghu, "How can somebody not believe those emails, it’s my life."

Raghu said, "If I were you, I would care a damn about that, I dunno how can someone believe all those, I thought you are a matured female", Sindhu decided to keep quite rather responding to that question. Raghu knew that she needs his support and affection at this point in time, he took out all the email printouts he got from Sindhu's ex-boyfriend, which had some snaps Sindhu took with him, Sindhu was shocked to see those snaps which she took with Ravi, her ex-boy friend, her eye lids gave way for those tears to roll out, Raghu went her side and said into her ears, "I believe in person than papers, I don’t want to know anything about your bitter past, I like you based on your present and not on your past"

Sindhu thought how foolish she can be, how can she believe those anonymous email which does not have any evidence, she just could not say anything other than tears and comfortably placed herself on Raghu's shoulder and cried buckets, It took Raghu, a kiss on her forehead to bring her back to her senses and their started a new relationship, a new hope, a new life for Sindhu.

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