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I have been closely monitoring the ripple created by JET Airways by sacking their employees, it’s not only for the fact that we get a chance to see all those lovely looking air hostess in a single frame, but also for the fact that the tactic Malya and Naresh adapted in diverting the media attention from talking about their "East meeting the West" alliance, to me this was one of the best ever business tantra I have come across. There were times when Malya and Naresh Goyal did not want to see each other even by mistake, but today they both hug each other in front of the limelight, for a moment I thot even they two were bitten by that "Political Stunt" bug...

Actually this alliance has more or less created a MONOPOLY in the Indian "private aviation" sector, Its now just one airline, whether you like it or not, you have to choose only that if you prefer to fly on a private airline with some attractive chicks serving you drinks, or else you have to fall back on our every scary Indian airlines, where some 60 plus aged air hostess will narrate you the in-flight instructions like this "thhherrrrr aaarreee tttwwwooo eexxxiitttssss iiinnnn thhhheee ffffrrroonnntttt aaaannndddd bbbbaaaccckkk sssiiiddee ooffff theeee aaiiirrrkrrrrraaafffttt" with a shiver, at times I used to wonder whether she will be alive or dead before she completes those narration, most of the air hostess in Indian airlines will by some way remind your granny or great granny.

Coming back to the saga of "firing and hiring", moment the media started speculating that this will lead to a "monopolistic" competition and before that reached the ears of our "Aviation" ministry, Naresh sparked this "turbulent" news and all the sacked employees staged a teary protest outside the airport, it was a feast for the media, all of a sudden some good looking steward's and air hostess have become guests to "News channels" and they sounded too amateur when it comes to sitting in front of the camera, in fact one air hostess was applying her lip stick, when the camera started rolling and in turn she gave a teary interview about she being sacked.

Just because "Aviation Sector" comes under the central government, it still does not mean it’s a "government company", it’s a private sector and the management has got all rights to hire and fire people, I felt that the JET employees have gone just a bit too far, the same kind of thing can never happen in our IT industry. It’s actually sad to see those good looking girls frying themselves under the hot sun and screaming from their bottom of the throat saying "WE WANT JUSTICE, WE WANT JUSTICE", but unfortunately my LCD's audio output was not that clear and for a moment I was hearing "WE WANT JUST KISS, WE WANT JUST KISS", and I was shocked to see that there were no volunteers to kiss those good looking girls. ;-)

Ah, as expected Naresh Goyal succumbed to the pressure when the media showed mathematics of how much they would save if they sack these low paid employees, and as a typical CEO he too was forced to say that his employees were his "Extended Family" and he cannot seem them in pain, blah, blah, blah. If they are his extended family, oh man, he has got some gorgeous daughters ;-). Anyways the JITTER WAVES created by Naresh is now ok and it’s back to its BETTER WAYS.


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