Oct 2, 2008

"Bomb"ay ...

The entire city was in total pandemonium, there were blood and flesh smell all over that market place, blown out flesh pieces were thrown everywhere like a rotten tomato, people where running here and there in search of their beloved ones, there were families who were banging their head on the corpse of their loved ones, Tanvir is too young to sense the gravity of the situation, he stood smiling with a small car toy on his hand, and was happy in rolling its wheels over his left hand "Vroom ... Vroom ... Vrrrrrooommmm ...." and all in front of the body of his mother, who was torn apart in that bomb blast that shook the city ...

Media persons thronged the market to feast its auidence with those gory images of blood stains and bodies which were lying all over the market. Tanvir is still standing in front of his mom's body with a hope that his mom will get up after sleep, to him death is nothing but sleep, but little he knew that his mom has slept for once. When people around him were crying for help, a little puppy drew his attention, it got stuck inside a shop where the bomb actually went off, amidst of those hot and fuming rumbles, this little pup was alive and was barking for help, Tanivr ran towards it and did his level best to save that little one, the tongue of those hot flame kissed tanvir's hand many times, but he was pretty determined to save that little one, and at last he dragged that puppy out of that rubble and took him to his arms.

He was a bit too late in rescuing that little puppy and as a result his mom's body was moved away and he has no clue where she went, he thought that his mom would have got up from sleep and has gone home. The hurdle of a motherless child starts here, he waited in a bus stop to go to his place and once his bus came he tried boarding in, immedieatly the conductor chucked him out of the bus and pushed him on the road saying that animals are not allowed inside the bus, he cannot show his anger to the man who slapped him a 500 rupee note for a Rs 2 ticket, instead he showed it on Tanvir, both Tanvir and his little pup were on the mud, Tanvir helped his little pet to dust off the sand from his body and he decided to walk.

He reached his village and still could not understand the reason why there is a big crowd in front of his house, he decided not to go to his house and hence he took shelter inside a nearby mango grove, he has his friend Rohan there, who always feeds him with a mango whenever he goes there, Rohan is the landlord of that mango grove, he was shocked to see Tanvir walking all alone when there was a bomb blast in the city, he rushed to Tanvir and asked him the reason for he coming all alone, Tanvir narrated the scene without missing the innocence, Rohan understood the fact that his mom his no more, he took Tanvir to his arms and decided to have him forever, both Tanvir and his little puppy got a shelter.

Next day the city was calm and people have not got out of the fear of the bomb blasts, the roads were empty, little Tanvir and his newly named "pintu" were on the roads, happily playing. Tanvir saw a colorful bag which had a "Teddy Bear" image printed on it with flashy colors, he happily took that with him and he saw that there was a alarm clock ticking inside it, he showed "pintu" the new "GIFT" he got and he took the same to his mango grove, there goes off a loud thundering sound and a flash of light ...

With the text "Lets stop terrorism, lets spare those innocent Tanvir's" flashing on the screen, the movie got over. Gulbar got a call on his cell phone and his son screamed at the other end saying, "Dad, I just now found a colorful bag which has got a alarm clock in it, you come home I will show that to you" followed by a thundering sound, "terrorist" Gulbar who placed that cover bomb in a nearby locality before coming to the theatre has blasted and the next call was from his boss who congratulated him for his successfully completing the plan ... Gulbar's scream and cry was more than the thundering sound of the bomb.


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