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Manhattan Nights ...

One week got over in New York. I wish my entire 5 week tenure comes to an end very soon. Temperature is dipping down day by day and it’s getting very difficult to manage. Though I claim and convince myself that I am eating homemade food daily (Oh ya, I got an electric rice cooker), but all I eat is only podi rice and some mix or the other and absolutely no liquid food, as a result, the main "output" window is almost closed :-(, its behaving like Revathi in "Devar Magan" (Verum, kaathu thaanga varudhu ...). Though I have travelled many times to the US, this is the first time for me at this beautiful city "Manhattan". Nights in Manhattan are simply awesome and colorful. I don’t have a camera to shoot those snaps and put it here, so I will see if I could make those scenes open up in your memory, by my writing ...

I stay very close to "Times Square" which is at a stone throw distance, yesterday I took a walk along the streets on New York, those lightings, those big LCD display screens which is flashing some great color rich images and there is one giant screen which plays some rock band shows, the city is full of lights and music all thru the night. People just don't mind about the temperature and just enjoy themselves with the comfort of some thick jackets. Couples just don’t mind about anything, they assume as if they are the only souls in this planet and get lost in their smooching exercise. The only bad thing about this place is the nasty traffic jam, however I try my level best from not thinking about the HELL where I live (I mean Bangalore), these traffic jams reminds me of that dead city or rather "City of Dead".

There is a small pond in the center of Manhattan where there are lovely swans and ducks floating in those freezing waters. They look simply cute and adorable with their white feathers. If the same pond would have been in INDIA, what would have happened is this, our extremely emotional people will start feeding those swans and ducks, on seeing that there will be a small circle of shops which will sell the "food" items to its customers, so that they can feed the swans, our people will make sure that they contaminate that water and force all those ducks and swans to come out, and moment they are out of that pond water, they will be boiling in one of the kitchens as "Swan Sambar". Here people allow the swans to be in their own space and just enjoy "looking" at it.

I always go gaagaa over the babies in the US, read properly, I said "babies" and not "babes" thought the truth applies for both terms ;-). Lot of couples take their new born kids in perambulators along with them, that too in this cold weather, all you could see inside that perambulators are two dark "grapes", I mean their eyes, rest of the items are totally wrapped and they are busy sucking their "poop-cee", how chweet you know, I am tempted to the core in going to them and squeezing their chubby cheeks as long as I can, but if I need to think of me being put behind the bars for "Child Harassment", I know laws here are so stringent and nobody accepts bribe too, why taking chances ?, so I tend to control myself. But those babies are adorable.

Planning to explore some more places in Manhattan this week and will blog here if I found something really interesting. Just 3 more weeks to go, I will be flying back to my great INDIA.


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